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  • Overview You can't Edit

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    You need to use the new bus station which is about 10/15 mins walk in the direction of Spain at baixa de moli; 2 roundabouts down.  Follow parallel to the river, or go down the main Ave. Tarragona road.

    See map under this section on this page.

    Main international terminal for buses into Andorra.  It is comprised of 2 terminals right next door to each other - one for DirectBus and the other primarily for Novatel, but other companies (with less frequent routes into Spain) also use this terminal too.

    Estació d'Autobusos d'Andorra is Andorra Bus Station - NOTE this old terminal is due for closure soon. Buses will soon arrive and depart from the new terminal which is under construction. This terminal is about 500 metres further out of La Vella in the direction of Spain.

    Buses from Spain and France arrive and depart from here.  There are the primary routes to Barcelona, Barcelona Airport, Girona Airport and Tolouse & Airport.

    There is a small waiting room in each of the Terminals.  Banc Mora ATM at the DirectBus terminal.

  • Car Parking You can't Edit

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    The terminal bus parking areas have 2 gates that back onto the main Parc Central car park of Andorra that you can walk through.

    They connect at the far end of the Parc Central car park, so unless the car park is rammed there are normally plenty of spaces to load and unload passengers and their bags.

    You can park in Parc Central - even a motorhome - for upto 1hr free.  Plenty of time to drop off friends & family.

  • Taxi Rank You can't Edit

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    There is a taxi rank just outside the terminals on the side road.  Taxis normally wait there during the day and evening.

    If you come very late you might find no taxis, in which case make your way through the Parc Central car park, up to the road by the main Credit Andorra bank, then turn right to outside the Super U store.  You will find taxis there all night.

  • Food options You can't Edit

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    There is a restaurant/cafe by the side of the Novatel Terminal building.  There is also a cake/coffee shop next to this.  Great for a quick bun before getting on the bus.

    Just over the road there is MacDonalds, and there are many good quality restaurants in the direction of the main shopping areas.

  • New Terminal You can't Edit

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    New bus station is under construction.

    It is much further down Av. Tarragona.  Over the first roundabout (about 500m maybe)

  • Left luggage lockers & Vending Machines & Toilets You can't Edit

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    For those on a day trip to Andorra or who are checking out of your hotel but don't want to leave just yet there is a locker system next to the toilet block. Automatic machines for luggage, different sized lockers for between 3 and 5 euro for 24hrs (but note opening times of 0730 until 2000 daily).   5 Euro lockers will handle skis.

    Reports that the vending machines are not dispensing products - maybe better to buy from somewhere with a human. Toilets are open during the daytime, in the past they have been unlocked from the ticket office by remote switch. There is a McDonald's nearby.

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    Accommodation near Andorra Bus Station

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      Landmarks near Andorra Bus Station

      Looking for something to do or a place to go see near Andorra Bus Station? Here is our list of options.

      • Hotel Pyrénées
        0.68 Km from Andorra Bus Station
        Hotel Pyrénées is a four-star hotel in Andorra la Vella, Andorra. Built in 1940, Lonely Planet describes it has being "one of Andorra's few venerable buildings" and containing "haunting old photographs of Andorra in its restaurant". It originally went under the Catalan name "Pirinec" and had 36 rooms but today it has 70 rooms.
      • Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley
        5.70 Km from Andorra Bus Station
        The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley (Catalan: Vall del Madriu-Perafita-Claror) is a glacial valley in the southeast of Andorra. It covers an area of 42.47 km², approximately 9% of the total area of Andorra, and is part of the second largest watershed basin in Andorra. The isolated valley is recognised as a haven for rare or endangered wildlife, and the undeveloped valley has recently been considered to be the "spiritual heart" of Andorra. It became Andorra's first, and to date its only, ...
      • Hotel Bringué
        12.60 Km from Andorra Bus Station
        Hotel Bringué is a countryhouse hotel in El Serrat, Ordino parish, Andorra. The hotel contains 110 rooms and its restaurant with a total capacity of 250 persons has views of the Valira North waterfalls.
      • Sport Hotel
        14.03 Km from Andorra Bus Station
        Sport Hotel is a four-star resort hotel in Soldeu, Andorra. It has 148 rooms. Originally established as a resort village in 1972, Sport Hotel became Soldeu's first 4-star hotel when opened in 1987. ^ Simonis, Damien (September 2007). Spanien. Mair Dumont DE. p. 442. ISBN 978-3-8297-1590-4. Retrieved 6 April 2011.

      Points of Interest near Andorra Bus Station

      Looking for important things or something to do or a place to go see near Andorra Bus Station? Here is our list of options.

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      • Estació d'Autobusos d'Andorra


        The new bus station is 100 metres south (towards Spain)

        Estació d'Autobusos d'Andorra AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
      • Av. de Tarragona
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        Av. de Tarragona, 44, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
      • Vr Experience Zone

        Basically a retail unit with a geek and loads of geeky kit in it. But what fun! David from Zamora in Spain runs this Virtual Reality Experience shop in the downtown area of La Vella.

        Open in the late afternoon until night (ideal for geeks); recommended if you want to experience something a little different. He speaks passable English and it an affable chap.

        €3 - for a ride on a rollcoaster
        €5 - for the driving simulator
        €10 per person for the HTC VR game

        The VR game can be played by two people at once; fight zombies or "really" play with a light sabre (you won't believe the feeling when it turns on it your hand).

        Vr Experience Zone Avinguda Tarragona 47, local 6, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        VIETNAM GOURMET Carrer Joan Maragall, 22, AD500 Andorra la Vrella, Andorra
      • Veggie's World
        Located in the densest part of La Vella near the main commercial street, in the crisscrossed lattice of streets behind there.

        They have some tall tables and chairs outside if you want to perch on those, but the pavement is not that wide, and there maybe a fair amount of traffic (or be way too cold in winter!)
        Veggie's World Carrer de na Maria Pla, 32, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
      • Cafeteria L'Orri
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        Cafeteria L'Orri Carrer Prat de la Creu, 49, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
      • Pizzeria La Piazza

        Centrally located pizza place catering mainly to tourists. On sunny days the plaza outside is a pleasant place to eat as it is a pedestrianised area and more or less surrounded by buildings which will provide a break for the wind.

        Typical of Iberia however, during working days you will get cars and vans parked in the pedestrianised area nevertheless.

        Pizzeria La Piazza Plaça L' Aigüeta 1 AD500 Andorra la Vella, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
      • CAFE DE LA PLAÇA Bon Dia

        This is an interesting and convenient cafe for several reasons: It is parked directly above the main government administration building. ?!

        How many countries in the world do you have a playground and cafe like that? Not many I think.

        Additionally it has a big playground for kids, and a large area for them to run around and let of steam - all the while you can either sit outside (seasonal) or if they are bit more responsible, you can let the kids play outside, you can clearly keep an eye on them from inside the cafe too - the windows are huge and all the way round.

        The building (of which you are on the top of) and playground are often bathed in Andorran sunshine.  There is parking directly below in 2 car parks.  

        Have a wander-around outside; you get a spectaular view of the city to the north and south and the mountains climbing steeply up on each side of the valley.

        CAFE DE LA PLAÇA Bon Dia Plaça del Poble, Andorra la vella, ANDORRA, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
      • Andorra la Vella
        Andorra La Vella (which means ‘old’) is the capital of Andorra and it is surrounded by mountains of up to 2400m. Retailing duty-free electronic and luxury goods is the main economic activity, although it is also very touristic place during the sky season.

        The whole city is strung out along one main street full of stores and places to eat. But Andorra is also well knows by the Caldea spa complex.
        AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
      • Andorra

        Andorra is a wealthy, clean, safe european microstate nestled high up in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain.

        This over 1000 year old independent state was set up by Charlemagne (Charles the Great) as a one of a series of buffer states to halt the expansion of the Muslim Moors who controlled what is now Spain at the time.

        Even though it is only approachable by winding roads (often with hairpins) with the cheapest drinks, petrol and cigarettes available in Europe this mountainous principality is a favourite for europeans heading north or south over the Pyrenees to and from the Costas in Spain. Many day trippers from the neighbouring French and Catalan provinces (including the big cities of Toulouse and Barcelona) come up to enjoy tax free (or low taxes these days) luxury and more day-to-day items.

        Reputed to have around 250 days of sunshine a year, the climate benefits from its latitude - around that of Pisa in Italy (much further south than the Alps, for example).  This means big blue skies devoid of clouds are the norm.   Of course it does rain and snow, but it tends to arrive in clumps, rather than weeks of drawn out drizzle, we get a big dump of snow, then back to the blue skies.

        Andorra is an extremely small country with only around 85,000 residents but has become extremely popular over the years not only for its amazing tourist destinations, but also because of its status as a tax haven, a fact which has not slipped by many wealthy tourists and retirees, as well as entrepreneurs. The country is a ski-lover’s paradise, and a shopper’s dream come true, with over 2,000 shops packed into the country. Cafes, restaurants, accommodations…you will be hard-pressed to find yourself drifting far from luxury while visiting Andorra, regardless of the season during which you make your visit. 

        Tourism is the main source of income for this tiny country, with an estimated 9 million visitors making their way here over each year. The duty-free status is a major draw, especially in these economically challenged times where every penny is scrapped together by most folks, but the banking sector as well pulls in quite a few people because of its tax haven status. There are a variety of summer and winter resorts to choose from, meaning you can either enjoy a summer holiday with plenty of hiking, biking, and driving to explore the mountains, or if you want to make your way here in the winter for a tasty little sky trip. 

        The place has been known in the past for being one of the most secluded and beautiful places in the Pyrenees Mountains to visit, but that has rapidly been changing over the years. There are a series of nearly uncontrolled development projects springing up all over the side valleys, marring the natural beauty of the land in an attempt to capitalize on market. While there are still some relatively untouched areas, it is rapidly becoming an industrialized area packed with resorts and ski-lifts as far as the eye can see, so be sure to take this into consideration if traveling.


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      Climate near Andorra Bus Station

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      Graphic showing average weather in Andorra Bus Station in Celcius and Centimeters (Change to Farenheit and Inches)

      Month Temp °C Rainfall Cm Temp °F Rainfall Inches
      Jan 3.4 102.4 38.1 40.3
      Feb 4.2 94.6 39.6 37.2
      Mar 6.8 101.2 44.2 39.8
      Apr 8.8 113.7 47.8 44.8
      May 11.8 118.8 53.2 46.8
      Jun 15.9 94.9 60.6 37.4
      Jul 18.9 64.4 66 25.4
      Aug 18.3 75.1 64.9 29.6
      Sep 15.8 79.5 60.4 31.3
      Oct 11.5 97.7 52.7 38.5
      Nov 6.8 100 44.2 39.4
      Dec 3.8 123.2 38.8 48.5

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        • Does the service, but not specially great place. Waiting for the new one.
        • Nice locker system to keep p you luggage, different sized lockers for 3,4 and 5 euros per 24 hrs
        • They could improve facilities, bus service is working properly, there offices and a restaurant bar.
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        • Good
          Translated from French
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        • The area could be something more remarkable, to be a main arrival / departure area to Andorra its facilities are from an inland village to which only the locals access, but it seems sufficient for the use you give. It has a restaurant that I did not really try and a small waiting room inside the reception. The attention of the staff is scarce but effective in my case.
          Translated from Spanish
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        • bendecko
          There are other companies that run to Barcelona like ALSA and one time table here for a daily bus to Reus and Reus Airport, and Tarragona

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          Address : Estació d'Autobusos d'Andorra Av. de Tarragona, 42, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra
          Website :
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