The TravelWiki Channel


This is a Red Planet Travel Community Project to build and maintain a travel guide for the world.  We want to document the world’s cities, accommodation, travel routes, transport agencies and anywhere you might visit as a traveller.

You can be a part of it.

Every part of each page can be compiled and edited by member of the Red Planetters - members of our community.

The system is designed to slowly introduce new users to the system, and step-by-step increases the access any user has in making edits and contributions.

We base your participation and trust in you on your Reputation Score.  Over time as you contribute more to the community your Reputation Score will increase.

If you are the owner, manager or representative of a place listed on our site you can bypass all the reputation requirements and make changes to pages referencing your business or organisation - look for the Page Location Owner role links on the page about your business once you have created an account and have logged in.

There are other Red Planet Travel channels for Travel Health, Travel Transport (coming soon) and Accommodation.

Read below how, as your Reputation Score increases you can particpate more to build the TravelWiki Travel Guide:

Initial Level (< 500 Reputation Score)

Drop box

In the beginning we invite you to send in information about any place using the page drop box at the bottom of every place page - see this example for New York City.

You can even do this without having an account at Red Planet Travel – we appreciate some people are busy, so we make it really easy to contribute information, no matter how small a bit of information is – if it is relevant we’d like to hear from you.

Ideally however, you will sign up and then any information you send in will be processed by our members – if they think the information is useful, you will receive some increase in that all important Reputation Score.

Travel Questions

To get started with us you can also answer questions, or ask them too if you need help.  Well answered questions will rapidly get your Reputation Score increasing.

Learning Level (500 – 5000 Reputation Score)

In this phase your capabilities to do stuff on our site increase rapidly.  You can comment on other people's answers and soon you will be able to add reviews.


Every place page has a review section, we invite you to tell us your findings.  Red Planet Travel reviews are fine-tuned however: We ask you to fill out a detailed profile where you can highlight your Capacities.   These can be used when signing reviews to let others know why your review counts.   For example if you are Restaurant Manager, your review of another hotel’s restaurant will be valuable.

Well written, informative reviews will be up voted by other Red Planetter members and your Reputation Score will increase.

Page Captaincy

In this stage you will have the required Reputation Score to take on your first Page Captaincy.

Page Captains are responsible for their own pages on Red Planet Travel, although they do get help from other members of the community; both higher Reputation Score users and those just starting out.

Higher level community member will help you out with things like Tags and nearby Points-of-Interest  you should show on your page.

Reviews and drop box submissions from others will help you maintain your page as being an up-to-date and accurate reflection of the place you have taken the Captaincy of.

We recommend your first Captaincy should be something like a good Bar, Restaurant or Hotel that you know well, and will continue to frequent.  You can visit it, and take lots of photos, talk to the owner/manager, type up any specialities or facilities that the place has.   Maybe even make some short videos; upload them to YouTube – then link your Red Planet Travel page from the description in YouTube and it will appear on your page.

If the page is well written you will receive up votes and your Reputation Score will increase.

Intermediate Level (5K – 200K Reputation Score)

You will take on Page Captaincies of more important pages on our system, such as Airports and Cities, and be able to work as a Page Crew Member on pages where others have taken Captaincies in areas/fields of your interest and knowledge.  For example you might be transport specialist, regular nightclubber or gastronomy expert, and you can edit the relevant Page Sections on many other pages with your knowledge. 

Once a page has a Captain, Page Sections can be enabled for Scoring.  This means that you can also gain more reputation for well written, accurate and up-to date sections anywhere on the site.   If you are Page Captain of a page and you permit others to contribute you will gain 10% of any increase that a Page Section receives.

So the idea at this stage is to work with others to create well written pages and increase your Reputation Score to be able to take Captaincy of the very largest cities and countries on the Red Planet Travel system as you approach the Advanced Level.

Advanced Level (200-500K Reputation Score)

As an expert now in the system you can control system-wide data such as Tags and Place contact details.  You will have the captaincy of many large and important places that you have expert Page Crew Members managing and ensuring all data submissions from reviews, drop box and Page Section edits by experienced Red Planetters are working well.

Highest Level & Channel Managers (500k+)

At the highest level of participation in the Red Planet Travel community you will have the highest reputation scores 500K+

At this level you can access all pages and make edits as required.  You may be invited to join a special user class: Channel Managers.

You will be asked to deal with abuse tag requests and make decisions about the suitability of users to access the system, and resolve arguments between for example Page Location Owner and Page Captains.

Channel Managers have access to manage other User's participation in their Channel and other high-level responsibilities.