The Perfect Place Channel

Perfect Place

Perfect Place is the accommodation and lodging channel on Red Planet Travel.  Using our unique tag search system you can home in and find the perfect place for you to stay.

We cover all accommodation options; everything from traditional hotels, guest houses and B&Bs, through more quirky places like canal boats, caravans and sleeper trains, through to community-based ideas to save you money like house swaps and couch-surfing which are available to experienced Red Planetters members-only.

How to find accommodation?

Simply use the “Destinations” search on the home page or at the top of every page, type in the place you want to go, and then on that page look for the Accommodation section.

Why is Perfect Place so good at finding the perfect place for me to stay?

  • It’s fast – no Search Forms to fill in – people just click checkboxes to filter the results.
  • It’s honest – our drop box, reviews and community reputation system use crowdsourced information to provide straight-talking information.

Go to the home page now and search.

Why list your accommodation?

If you want people to come stay at your place then there are good reasons why Perfect Place is the way to go.

  • It’s free – no charge whatsoever.
  • It’s powered by our Community – enthusiastic Red Planetters are ready and waiting to help you list and describe your place just right.
  • It’s detailed – with contributions from the community, and structured Section Descriptions you will find it easy to give very detailed and informative data that your visitor need to know.
  • It’s direct to your website or phone – no restrictions on where we send visitors. If you have a preferred booking engine (e.g. or then enter those in the online-booking page section.
  • It’s backed up by our travel services to get people to your door: the flights and multimodal searches make it easy for people to see how to get you.
  • It’s designed to keep you in people’s memory. Your location will be added to our Wish list system in people’s accounts.  They can login at any time and see their Wish lists, and it is mailed to them every month as part of their Newsletter.
  • It’s discoverable. Using our Travel Inspiration Engine people who had no idea of your region will have their attention brought to it, if it matches their requirements.
  • It is self-updating. If you work with a Page Captain or Page Crew Members they will update your details on the system for you, they earn Reputation Score for being detailed and accurately describing your place.

Sign up now to list your accommodation.

How to list your accommodation?

You need to sign up with Red Planet Travel and create a user account.


Login to the system.  Once inside the User Home page:

1) In the Channels tab select Perfect Place.

2) Subscribe to the Channel

3) You can then Add your accommodation to the system.

Make sure your address and details are correct, and most important, choose the right tags to help people find you.

When you want to add more detailed information for your visitors read here for more information about Page Sections; these are the content filled paragraphs about your Accommodation.

Remember it is completely free – start now.