Restaurants in Amman
Hey guy's I'm looking for a nice restaurant in Amman any recommendations ?
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    La Maison Verte shemissani, Romero, centro or oz
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    Go to Rainbow Street!!!!!
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    there's a famous sweet shop. It's a hole in a wall, but I believe it is on rainbow street or around the corner. There's also a BWW around there. You can't miss it.
Answer @ 4/2/2017 7:45:06 PM by bossiestprotractor
You can Go to al madinah street there another restaurant for arabic food
Answer @ 3/31/2017 10:45:06 PM by wellexpressedalexan
For other non-local options I recommend a good Thai Restaurant in Amman: Thai room, next to Primal Abdoun. it's the only real Thai food place in Amman it's very similar to Thailand but upper scale enjoy!
Answer @ 4/4/2017 1:45:06 PM by dimwittedsledding
Chaika is the best seafood restaurant in Amman - Highly recommended seafood plus the most delicious and the other Arab foods. Enjoy!
Answer @ 4/3/2017 5:45:06 PM by Samia
I've asked my friend there... She recommended: Centro / 3rd circle Ocean / makkah street 7art jdodna / madba Alzowadh / fuhais Areej alsham / alrabyh

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