Travel Tip$

Get paid for writing reviews, answering questions and other contributions on Red Planet Travel.

Introducing Travel Tip$

Travel Tip$ is a way for you to give advice about a place you’ve visited or a subject you know about to others and get paid.

You can write reviews on Red Planet Travel about just about anywhere or anything.  If someone reading it finds it useful we provide a link for them to pay the writer of the review.

You can ask and answer questions on Red Planet Travel about just about anything Travel related. The person asking the Question or anyone else reading the answer can give the write a “tip” if they want to.

What are a Travel Tip$?

When you give someone advice about a place you are giving a “tip”.

“It was a great tip to get to the Opera house earlier than billed, thanks!”

In English we also use the same word when providing a gratitude at a restaurant or other place frequented by Travellers.

“I got a $10 tip from that Japanese family because I made a special effort to explain the menu”

So that’s where the name of this scheme comes from “Travel Tip$”. See what we did there?

Get paid for writing reviews and answering questions with Travel Tip$

You can enable your account to receive travel tip$.

When visitors reads your review or your question or answer, if they found it useful, they can send you a tip (normally a dollar, pound, or euro or so, but there is no limit to what they can send).

All the money is yours – Red Planet Travel do not take a cent or penny.  You need to have a Paypal account to be paid.  Paypal will take their %, but there’s nothing we can do about that.  

If you are contributing regularly then you should look at converting your Paypal account to accept micropayments which have a much lower overall charge - read more on their website at

How do enable Travel Tip$ in my Account?

Step 1: Select Email Addresses in your User Home

Step 2: Click Add New Email Address

Step 3: Once Verfied you can click the Paypal logo in the Actions column and you will join the scheme.

I don’t have enough reputation score to write a review?

Initially you won’t.  You need to have a reputation score of at least 500 to write reviews:

We do this to prevent spammers, and people not interested in our community posting on the site.

So you need to start off by making drop box submissions about places you know about.  You are able to make Travel Tip$ for good contributions to these too.

Once your contribution has processed as useful by a more senior member of the community your Reputation Score will quickly rise to a level you can write a review.

You can also get Reputation Score by asking and answering Travel Questions.

Asking and Answering Travel Questions

You can ask and answer questions immediately on joining Red Planet Travel.  Do note however that poor quality or incorrect answers will be down voted, and you can lose your capability to ask or answer questions!

How do I get paid?

Direct to your Paypal account.

Red Planet Travel do not take any part of your Tip.  It is paid directly to you from the person giving you the tip.

Simply enable your account for Travel Tip$.   Add your Paypal account email address and mark it so.

Look in your Paypal account to see when people have made you a payment.  You may need to “accept” the money into your account depending on your Paypal configuration – they will send you an email when this happens.

If you are contributing regularly then you should look at converting your Paypal account to accept micropayments which have a much lower overall charge - read more on their website at

Who is the open to? 

Anyone with a Red Planet Travel user account – this makes you a Red Planetter.

So we want to hear from normal travellers, but also Accommodation Providers in the Perfect Place channel can write reviews about local attractions and places and Doctors in the MDtravelhealth channel can answer questions posed about Travel Health.  Make sure you set a Tag Monitor alert in your User Home so that you get notified when a Question you might know the answer to gets posted.

Check that Paypal operate in your country or region, because this is the only method by which you can get paid. Check the Paypal list of countries here -

Who else might this work for?

Every time you make a contribution your Profile page is linked.  You can put whatever you want on your Profile page; a link to your website and social media accounts; description of your life, job and anything you want to tell.

This means say you are a wedding planner you can get people interested in coming to your part of the world for a fantastic wedding, or maybe you are a tour guide and want to build some interest in your city and the tours you offer.

Keep contributing with good quality information and people will come to you.

How do I make my Reviews more relevant?

When you sign up ensure you have filled in your Profile as much as possible.    This creates your Signing Capacities.  These are things like where you’ve lived, what job you’ve done, as well as your status such as if you’ve got kids or have some form of disability.

Now write your reviews from your perspective.  This will enable your review to be filtered by visitors who are in a similar situation to you.

And the thing is with a tip: It doesn't have to be a long textual piece. A short review that hits the spot can have even more value than a long drawling opus.

How do I stop my email address being shown on the Paypal checkout page?

Paypal shows your email address if you have a Personal Account at Paypal. 

If you upgrade your Paypal account to a Premier or Business Account, Paypal will then show the Red Planet Travel logo instead of your email address on their page.

You can add a secondary email account at Red Planet Travel and mark this as your Paypal account or use your primary email address.  

We strongly recommend you use a different password on each and every site you visit.

After someone gives you a tip they will be able to see your email address in their Paypal account area.

Why is Red Planet Travel doing this?

You can write reviews and answer questions on many travel websites.   But you won’t get paid for any contributions you make on them.  Why?  Because these sites have big time investors and shareholders who want to gain any benefit the website makes.

Red Planet Travel is not like this.  We don’t have any backers, shareholders, or loans – just you – Red Planetters – members of our community.

We want to expand our community and revolutionise the way we do travel.   With your help we can make this happen.

Please sign up for an account and get making tip$.