Restaurant for birthday party in Kaleici
I'm looking to make a dinner reservation for a large group on my birthday in Kaleici....any recommendations on a great place to dine? Some of the ones that caught my attention were Aynali, Castle Brasserie, Vanilla Lounge, and Seraser YUp
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    Vanilla lounge without a doubt. Fab place amazing food
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    I can recommend Pio in Kaleici - http://piogastrobistro.com
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    Go with Vanilla. Owners are expats. One of the best food in town. British Chef. Fusion Menu.
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    Vanilla is good but u said a large group of friends hmmmm I think will be small.
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    Looks like vanilla is the winner lol. I've heard pio is great but the prices are a bit high.
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Answer @ 2/21/2017 7:25:49 PM by distrustfullecturer
Castle Brasserie is always nice, good varied menu to suit everyone (amazing steaks!!) friendly staff, modest prices and a large but cosy garden with heating

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