What does the Reputation Score Mean?

What is Reputation Score?

Reputation Score is a measure of how much we trust you on Red Planet Travel.

You start with a Reputation Score of 100 and as you interact with the site and community your Reputation Score will increase.

A Red Planetter with a high Reputation score can be considered a trustworthy individual who has partaken in lots of activity on the site.

As your Reputation Score increases the system will send you a message detailing your new Capability and what it entails.  This process slowly introduces users to the very complex and varied system that exists on Red Planet Travel.

It also prevents accidental damage by inexperienced users. In addition all data has "historical-versioning" so we can always revert to an earlier version.

There are circumstances where your Reputation Score can decrease. If you make an inaccurate review, have inaccurate information in a Page Section you are the Page Crew Member for, or have inacurrate information in a question, answer or solution in Travel Questions.  You can edit your contribution to correct the inaccuracies, or you can delete your contributions if you not in a position to make the edits.

How much Reputation Score is needed to do things (Capabilities)

Activities that change Reputation Score