Show people how to get to you more easily

On this page you can create a widget that you can install on your website to access the power of the journey planning system for your attraction, place of interest, organisation or anywhere people want to get to.

Your address will be contained inside the widget so people only need to enter where they are coming from and our system will quickly show them all the different way to get to your place.

Fill in the form below and the HTML you need to get your webmaster to insert into your website will be generated in the box below.

You can also use the HTML in your CMS e.g. For WordPress you will need a plugin like ajavascript adderinstalled first, other CMS like Joomla or Drupal etc. will have similar plugins.

The words in the Title. By default these are 'How to get to..' If you want to clear the title just enter a single Space character.

E.g. Your company name or building: Acme Widgets Ltd. or Empire Building

* Only, If you don't have google library with your api key loaded in your website.

The Url of a logo or picture to be included on the page. E.g. http://mywebsite/logo.jpg (Max 200px). Must be permanently available somewhere on your own website or elsewhere on the internet.

HTML: You can copy and paste this HTML into your website editing program or Content Management System (CMS)

You can find more information about the widgets on ourblog posthere.