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Currency Converters

We have the fastest, most easy to use currency converters on the Internet. With the Live Currency Converter you can enter the currency value in either currency and the other currency will be updated.

Our Historical Currency converter is also simple to use and very fast. Just put a row for each conversion you want to perform - you can easily get copy and paste this from your spreadsheet (e.g. Excel or Google Sheets). Just use the demo rows we have entered to see how it should look.

Live Currency Converter

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Historical Currency Converter

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Batch Historical Currency Converter

I want to batch convert a list of values to a certain currency on different dates. This is useful, for example if you have a lot of business expenses in different currencies over time and want to know what that would have been in your own currency.

The input lines need to be of the format date (dd/mm/yyyy), then the amount, then the currency code, all separated by commas (Comma Separated Values - CSV).

Currency converted to Output

We currently only retrieve the conversion rate once in any given month. If you'd like a more accurate rate (daily rate for example) then please show your committment by following us on social media (links at the top of page) and letting us know, or signing up for a free account and then emailing us.

Red Planet Travel is primarily a travel website and the currency data we use is suitable for "rough idea" conversion values more than adequate for a family holiday or individual business trip.
If you require conversion for large magnitude calculations, we recommend should consult a dedicated currency exchange website such as