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  • Overview You can't Edit

    Users Assigned: bendecko  

    Frankly pretty disappointing terminus for a great city.

    Clearly it has aged badly, maybe it was built to handle the capacity at the time. Certainly it is a long (10min) walk from the train station so there was little regard to transport integration at the time; a time when London was the only terminus that mattered.

    This walk, probably undertaken with heavy bags, can be arduous. Where have all the by-gone age porters gone? There should certainly be an underground walkway with travelator.

    Check if your coach stops at another London terminus en-route e.g. the Airport or a tube station like Golders Green.  This may mean lugging your heavy bags less of a way, although you will miss out the comfort of "seeing" your coach before boarding.

  • Quick drop off by car You can't Edit

    Users Assigned: bendecko  

    You obviously can't part for extended periods around the bus/coach station, because it is a very busy part of central london, and can't park even for 1 second on the main Buckingham Palace Road.

    You can however get dropped off down Eccleston Place at the point marked by the red arrow, and following the route down that one way street entering as shown on by the green arrows.

    You can just cross the street, passing the exit point of the coaches, then cross Elizabeth Street to the main waiting areas.

  • Waiting area You can't Edit

    Users Assigned: bendecko  

    There are around 20 gates (modelled on airport style - but much more crowded) with doors that open when your coach is ready.

    It can get very busy, lots of backpackers around and immigrant travellers with many many bags and packages.

    The odd shop or two. It is very bustling place.

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      Graphic showing average weather in Victoria Coach Station in Celcius and Centimeters (Change to Farenheit and Inches)

      Month Temp °C Rainfall Cm Temp °F Rainfall Inches
      Jan 3.5 73.6 38.3 29
      Feb 4 57.8 39.2 22.8
      Mar 5.7 58.8 42.3 23.1
      Apr 8.2 52.1 46.8 20.5
      May 11.5 52.6 52.7 20.7
      Jun 14.7 54.6 58.5 21.5
      Jul 16.5 58.6 61.7 23.1
      Aug 16.2 63.4 61.2 25
      Sep 13.9 65.4 57 25.7
      Oct 10.2 82.1 50.4 32.3
      Nov 6.5 82.4 43.7 32.4
      Dec 4.4 85.1 39.9 33.5

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        • It was so easy to catch the coach to my destination as the signage was very clear. The stores located within the station were very your pennies and go across the road to the sainsburys. Vote with your feet... travelling is expensive enough without being exploited by conglomerates.
        • Always up close and intimate. If you are travelling, especially with Megabus - expect delays. And no information. Have lots of patience and be positive... wait a moment and I will try to find out what is happening with your bus, said the staff. We are living in 2017 and such behaviour and bad customer service in London is unacceptable. There is no 0 star rating, otherwise I would've choose it.
        • Victoria Coach Station used to be very good with better facilities, unfortunately due to lack of fund, it is not very organized compare to the old days. I reckon with injecting some fund to this old station, the performance of this place will improve a lot.
        • My Coach was delayed 2weeks ago the 010 frm Stratford London to go to Victoria the coach should hve arrived at 06.20 but never turned up so had to get a taxi to Victoria missed my 1st coach to bristol and had to get a later one.I hope of can get a refund off £25 which it cost me to get to Victoria due to the inconvenience that u cased
        • We have a bad experience in this station. Around 12/22/2016, I bought 3 tickets, from London to Paris, at online with 60 GBP. On 1/13/2017 afternoon, it was first time, we arrived Victoria Coach Station around 1:20 PM, we directly went to Gate 19 which was told by a front-door officer. When we came to Gate 19, one officer did not let us in because we did not check in yet. OMG, i.e. we needed to get new tickets based on printed QR logo. We just recognized the location of check-in desk which is at a right angle direction against of Gate 19. We went to only one-open line and waited for a while because of the server down. There was no way to make a progress. I realized we did not have time for wait and then went to the front of next empty line to ask for help because the ticket states that bus leave at 1:30pm. The Chick in office said the bus leaved already....OMG....The next bus would be at 8pm. Anyway, we had to somehow exchange next tickets. The unhappy things were that the check-in guy asked we go to Gate 0 for change, the Gate 0 guy ask for 66 GBP or go to Gate 11 because it is International Euro bus. We went to Gate 11, the guy ask us back to Gate 0 again. We were really unhappy with kicking issue ball. Finally, we back to Gate 0 window, one lady said we need to pay 66 GBP for update fee. I was surprised that the fee change so high. I asked for escalate issue to a manager. Kati is nice manager come to window explain the policy. However I realize she did not have authorization to reduce the cost. We complained that the online printed instruction does not clearly mention at beginning, easily-miss at small font paragraph, require one hour early check in. And we also complain we came to station around 10 minutes early, station office should communicate with bus driver someway to notify other customers will on board 5 minutes..... The Station services are real not good for first-time-visit-from-foreign-country customers : 1) If there is a bus check-in process, it should be clearly mentioned at beginning of online ticket. Usually bus do not have check-in process. Even some train does not have one, e.g. GW Express. 2) The bus period is very long, miss one bus, customer needs to wait for 7 hours. Which indirectly miss other bus/train/hotel check in. 3) The change ticket fee is too high. It is more than the price of re-buy tickets.
        • Without a doubt an iconic building but the facilities on the inside certainly fall short of the expectations you might have. The coach station is usually crowded, so you probably won't find a seat near your gate while waiting. Oh, and don't even think about using the toilets if you care about hygiene. That being said: There are plenty of connections available from Victoria Coach Station. There are some nice places around the coach station to pass waiting times, so I would recommend to just go to a nearby pub or café instead of waiting in the coach station terminals.
        • Pretty dingy, but it does its job well. I'd suggest: 1. Making use of the cleaner, free toilets at Victoria Railway Station if you're coming from or to the Underground 2. Hanging about in the food court (with a McDonald's) in the shopping centre across the road until half an hour before your coach leaves, as it's a more pleasant, less busy environment, with lower prices. 3. That those travelling together on services without reserved seating do their best to get seats together, especially on busy services. Strategies for this include arriving early, entrusting suitcases to one person while another grabs seats, and politely asking people if they would mind moving.
        • Definitely not enough seating. Needs a double revamp to get to the 20th century never mind the 21st . But it is efficient and on time coaches
        • Sadly it's so busy that it would be too disruptive to give the coach station the upgrading it is badly screaming out for. Over priced snack bars, too few seating and a lots of rushing around. It's best to use one of the many cafes and coffee shops between the coach station and Victoria Train station. It's worth the hassle of using coach station to take advantage of the cheap tickets to get in and out of London.
        • Big transport hub for cental london beaware no seets at buisy time and screeming kids
        • Well, I managed to get off the coach okay... in the middle of the station before having to walk across the parking zones. Shabby place, looks grotty. Not enough places to sit and the atmosphere is less than inviting. If I didn't get a cheap deal I'd avoid it at all costs! Second star is for the staff who were helping people move their cases with a smile.
        • Such a beautiful place. Iconic building and Michelin starred eateries at hand. Would highly recommend if you believe what I’m writing 😔
        • Its very jam packed even during non peak hours. Be careful of your belongings as a precaution. There are over 20 gates, but when you go in, you are greeted by the big departure board and information, so you wont get lost around. Many food outlets to choose from to grab a quick bite. Place is not that clean.. Probably due to the volumes of passengers
        • Its very hard to give a review on this place. People urinate against the walls of entrance. Its dirty everywhere, seriously in need of an update. Multiple destinations but it smells, littered with cigarette butts, & not very safe. I was threatened while I waited for my coach. No security patrols. In fact NO SECURITY. Early morning staff are helpful but nearer to 9am The staff are rude & obnoxious when you ask which bay your coach will be!:Even the drivers agree about the staff Its like a run down Old Warehouse. Its just not on.
        • Unreliable and utterly disgraceful station. Station is very dirty, and coaches always ran late (happened twice in a row). A coach I took to Nottingham was over an hour late, and when it arrived the driver decided to randomly have a 30 minute break before the coach would allow us on (making us wait even longer), inconsiderately knowing people have been waiting over an hour already. Furthermore, the 2nd coach I took from this station (to Stansted airport) was also late by over half an hour. I NEARLY MISSED MY FLIGHT because of my coach to Stansted airport at this station being over half an hour late. Fortunately, I arrived just in time at the airport. Tl;Dr: Dirty, disgraceful, and unreliable station with inconsiderate staff. Coaches always ran late, and staff do not care nor are they aware that some people could nearly miss their flight with coaches being late to the airport.


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