non-EU partner applying for the EU Settlement scheme
Anyone have experience with a non-EU partner applying for the EU Settlement scheme?

I'm Dutch and my boyfriend is Brazilian, next week we're going to NL to get a civil partnership and then he can apply to the scheme, or so we understood.

I know he can't be in the UK to apply and he needs to give biometrics, but can anyone tell me more?

What other documents do we need, how long will it take?

Once he is in the process, can he already come back with me or only once everything is 100% done?
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Answer @ 6/29/2019 2:00:00 AM by DoeA1985
He needs to get a partner visa. My husband (then boyfriend) non-EU was here under a youth mobility visa (he is Aussie) then when his visa expired, he reapplied for an EEA unmarried partner visa.

I had to apply for a residence card at the same time as a Qualified person (even though I didn't need one at the time) but made the process easier for him.

We had to demonstrate we were an stable couple, so we sent letters from our family members, close friends, conversations online while he was away, photos, boarding passes from holidays we took together, bills, bank accounts (we had a joint account), etc; it was 3.5 kgs of paperwork.

Once you get to the point of sending everything, check with your council if they give the service of certifying a copy of your passport because once you both send them, you will be left without it for 6 months and unable to travel.

Also your partner won't be able to work during that time.
Answer @ 6/30/2019 3:00:00 AM by Symphony86
My husband is Dutch and I am Australian.

We were married in the Netherlands and moved to London a month later and applied for the EEA spouse visa when we got here.

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