Tourist Visa max stay Thailand
Hi knowledgeable expats! Need some advice. My mum is visiting from Australia for 5 weeks and was told she can only stay here for a max of 30 days. If she wants to extend her visa stay by a week what is the cost and process. Thanks in advance
Answer @ 4/9/2017 7:50:12 PM by acidicdoorjamb78
Extensions are usually another 30 days and cost 1900 baht at the Immigration Department, Government Complex, Chaengwattana Road in north Bangkok. Alternatively apply in advance at a Thai consulate for a single entry tourist visa which gives 60 days.
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    Applying in advance would remove any inconvenient trips to immigration.
Answer @ 4/1/2017 8:50:12 AM by SinemS1985
Need 2 passport pictures. Copy of passport of all sides in the passport. Take 2 - 3 copies with. Fill out some papers. Need a address where she lives. Then pay 1900thb.
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    If she came in on a 30 day visa exempt entry she could go get a 30 day extension for 1900baht at the immigration office, BUT a single entry tourist visa from a thai consulate gets her stamped in for 60 days and is cheaper
Answer @ 4/7/2017 4:50:12 PM by expensiveshocking20
Go the Thai embassy in Oz and get a 60 day tourist visa if you do not want to spend a day at immigration in Changwattana, it's worth the $$
Answer @ 4/2/2017 4:50:12 PM by blackduck1970
Rather than spending money, time and effort on bureaucratic procedures, go to Siem Reap to visit Angkor for couple days. Way better investment IMHO.

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