Any tips about taking Cash /ATMs in China
Doing an 8 day China land tour pre a cruise in October.

Any tips about taking cash, ATMs availability and credit cards usage would be appreciated. I am not sure what I need to take.

Any other travel tips for China for an Aussie?!
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Answer @ 7/10/2019 2:00:00 PM by united_Lage
Use ATMs inside hotels, if you press bottom right button on screen will change language to English.

Some more tips from my experience:

Don't be afraid to barter at markets.
Usually 1st or last toilet will be western the rest are squats, beds are rock hard, ask for extra pillows to make more comfy.
Respect their gov laws and don't ask for views on past, current religion etc, they cant discuss.
Milk is pretty hard to come by so ask your guide how to ask for it and you may get lucky if not enjoy green tea.

Its a great country to visit!
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    Actually there are several similar cards that work really well. Australia Post have a travel Cash card which we have also used
Answer @ 7/28/2019 2:00:00 AM by TarikaM
Lots of ATM’s. I used a travel card. No Facebook in China but What’s App works well.

Cash is always handy. I got some before I left. Enjoy! I loved China.
Answer @ 7/29/2019 3:00:00 PM by EDier
My tour guide requested US dollars - otherwise get money before you leave home for best rates.

I didn’t use atm- just travel debit card. Things aren’t cheap!

No one speaks English- not like Europe- but I loved it.

I travelled solo with driver and translator- fantastic!

I let some US travellers borrow my translator at Great Wall Mutianyu Section was great- only about 20 other people there !

Pandas amazing ..,go early as sleep all day.

If restaurant has menu in English don’t bother - go where locals go.

Definitely go to Drum Tower Show ( lots of stairs) the tombs of Emperors just like Egypt! Forbidden City- half day- amazing...

I did tour on whim after Russia and loved it- would go again. Stayed Grand MERCURE Beijing- I stay Mercure everywhere.

China was my 32nd country in 9 years and no 2 after Egypt.

Answer @ 8/5/2019 4:00:00 PM by Villaviciosa1979
Actually there are several similar cards that work really well.

We used QANTAS cards which you pre load before you leave. That way you just use them as & when you need to. Carrying a large amount of cash is never a good idea. The cards work just like a Visa card in ATM machines

Also Australia Post have a travel Cash card which we could have used.

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