Thai immigration officers raiding my room is it legal?
Are the immigration officers allowed to enter my hotel room without my permission? They were about do it, but they did not.

Of course, I don't break any law.

My visa is still good and I don't use any drugs. I have no idea why they tried to.
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    They look for people who have visa is expired. They can ask that people in room to come out and show passport. A few months ago they were in the On Nut area hitting the condos. Seems logical that they would do the same at hotels. As long as the hotel is reporting TM 30 and you have a valid visa nothing to be worried about.
Answer @ 7/4/2019 1:00:00 AM by WagnerMalmesbury93
No they are not allowed without a court order. If they do, take photos & video evidence.. or CCTV even better.

There was an immigration checkpoint set up outside of my condo building a few months back. As part of the check an officer came up to my unit and took a picture of me standing in front of the door. He didn't ask to come in but I don't think there was anything stopping him if he wanted to.
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    If you let them in sure. I’m sure they use the same tactics as the US, and UK. If you open the door wide enough, and they make their way through then yes. Time to get a few strong chain locks.
Answer @ 7/11/2019 2:00:00 PM by somberoutcasts
You have the right to refuse because they need a warrant or credible reason.

The warrant has to be signed by a judge if the criminal court or issues by a senior police chief. (Colonel or higher)

Be careful for lower ranked officers trying to get you.

They can always pull some drugs or contraband of of their sleeves and blame you. Especially if you are alone.

Just make sure you have ID ready in case they want to check Visa etc.. they have no central database so even if you ever did something wrong they wouldn't know anyway.

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