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    Voluntourism is found in many places all over the world. In richer countries and in poor. This can be way to get free board or food, be aware of the legal state you may find yourself in, and how you will be affecting the local economy.

    Volunteer at good, social or ecological projects (best if for more than just 4 weeks.
  • Concerns and Balances You can't Edit

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    It maybe is illegal work. Check local laws allowing foreigner to work, and consider is it harming. Jobs which would otherwise be paid and help locals are actually taken by tourists.

    On the other hand - for the "volunteer" it is a fantastic way of travelling long-term, cutting the expenses at the same time staying longer in a place, learn more about the country and people than just the 15 days tourist that mainly do sightseeing and talk with foreigners.

    It can be a life changing experience to travel long time and without the exchange system a lot of travellers could not do it for lack of money.
  • How to do it correctly You can't Edit

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    Apply for work permit/visa. If you have a skill set you can bring to the table, you will be legally able to do so with government approval in sectors they deem necessary.

  • Working in Education You can't Edit

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    There are lots of opportunities in education not limited to language teaching and other spheres.

    But you should be getting your hands dirty in more than just teaching. Helping to build community, cooking, cleaning, long days, some short, etc. Bottom line: Make sure you are giving back, not just taking in.
  • Working in Orphanages You can't Edit

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    This is a emotive subject, and many people will help out in orphanages. Please read Save the Children's charity view on this. https://www.savethechildren.ca/say-no-to-orphanage-volunteering/

    Bottom line: It it one job that should be avoided.
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      Having worked with various social projects / NGOs for many years, volunteers are actually not very helpful and generally create more work for the organisation than what they contribute, unless the volunteer has a specific skill offer and can stay for a few months at least.

      Many organisations do it as a way of generating income (volunteers pay), but it's not like the volunteer is actually helping much.

      Like suggesting that a volunteer can paint a wall at a school, better to actually employ a local to paint the wall, it will likely be done better, will probably be cheaper than the managing and coordinating the unskilled volunteer, and results in a local being paid to do the work.
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