Interrail premium pass for italy reservations via App
Hi there! I've booked a premium pass for italy but could anyone here tell me how to book those reservations?

The app wants me to pay a fee cause it doesn't know i've got the premium pass.

But if I'm logged in on the website I also can't see how it works cause it only tells me I have to use the self-service and something about e-tickets which I have to print out?

Would be awesome if someone could show me the button I have to press for a reservation. Thanks!
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Answer @ 9/19/2019 9:00:00 AM by gentlydependent72
To get the free reservations, you'll need to make them at least 3 business days in advance using the Interrail.eu Reservation Service.

Trains that do not require a reservation are already automatically included in your Interrail Pass.


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