The train going from Lancaster to Philadelphia in the afternoon is consistently late.
Some times over an hour. I feel like this shouldn’t happen every week (I travel Wednesdays).

I have to take the earlier train and that one is also consistently late. Because of this i have to leave my house 3 hours earlier.

Is there somewhere I can complain about this because this is not good customer service. At the station I only get “sorry, leave earlier”.
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Answer @ 8/5/2019 12:00:00 AM by SerafinaS60
If you're traveling from Lancaster to Philly, don't take train #42. That is the Pennsylvanian, which starts in Pittsburgh, 6 hours west of you, traveling mostly on a line owned by the Norfolk Southern freight railroad and competing for very busy track space with numerous freight trains operated by Norfolk Southern, meaning that delays are (as you now know) not uncommon.

Instead, take one of the Keystone trains. They start in Harrisburg, only 30 minutes west of Lancaster, and operate entirely on track owned by Amtrak, so the risk of track congestion is much lower.

While Keystone trains do occasionally encounter delays, the chance of an on-time trip is much better than on the longer-distance Pennsylvanian.

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