Is Schengen zone calculator working?
Apologies in advance for doing your heads in with this visa query. My brain is fried! It's a question about the Schengen zone ’90 days in 180 days’ rules. I've read everything on it and it's still making no sense. The online Schengen zone calculator is not helping. Informal advice from my workplace (Int. Org.) is don’t worry about it, nobody checks. But I’m worried! And the Australian embassy gave me nothing. This is about a family member, let’s say M (Australian citizen). If anyone is an expert of, or interested in, visa enquiries, please help!
M first arrived in France 28 April 2017, and she returned to Aus. 11 June 2017. That’s 45 days. (Assuming the 180 day period begins when she arrived on 28 April 2017, that means that this 180 day period ends 28 October 2017).
Then, M returned to France 26 August (so still within that 180 day period) and will leave 5 November (So technically that is illegal. It is a little more than 90 days, and over the 180 days).
Does this mean, that M should return to Australia on 9 October? That would make it 45 days from the start of her second arrival on 26 August (totalling 90 days in 180 days, and still within the 180 day period).Does this also mean that she can technically return on 29 October 2017? Because then the 180 days will be reset?
If this is correct, the stupid online Schengen zone calculator doesn't work!
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Answer @ 9/2/2017 4:36:26 AM by Zane84
It's a rolling 180 days so think of it more as a checking account. Start with 90 days and subtract the 45 days. Giving 45 days left. Then she leaves for 70 odd days so her balance is back up to the max of 90. On the 2nd entry she is also staying less than 90 so I think there is no problem. It is very confusing and I think the average person is not going to be tripped up over it. People that are trying to live/holiday in the EU over a longer period jump in and out to exact day perfection. You're friend should be fine with those dates.
Answer @ 8/31/2017 3:36:26 PM by Granados1977
In terms of nobody checks, I have a 'friend' who got refused entry coming back from the UK because of some slight overstays. This 'friend' then had to fly all the way back to Australia to apply for a long stay visitor visa only to find out the first appointment he could get at the embassy was in 3 months. This 'friend' left France for the UK saying to his girlfriend "See you in a few days", was then stuck in Australia in limbo for 3 months. This 'friend' is an idiot. But yeah, you get the occasional immigration officer that actually adds up the days and checks. Unlikely, but it does happen.
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    Yeah my husband miscalculated by a day & had to pay for a very expensive flight change at the last minute. It's really not worth going over so important to keep track of your dates

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