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Are there companies that offer 2-3 day trips out of Thailand to trigger a re-entry visa of 30 days? I just found out that that border crossing visa renewals have been cut down to 15 days. I would love to go on a short trip somewhere and come back for another 30 day stay. Surely there must be a savvy travel company that sees this as a need and has created something fabulous. Any tips?
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    Flying still gets you a month and is only marginally more expensive and much more comfortable
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    yes that is why I am asking... I would love to fly out of chiang mai on a 2-3 day excursion and then come back in wondering if there are local tour companies that offer such
Answer @ 5/24/2017 9:39:56 AM by FallenCommando
You can just go yourself to Penang, Malaysia. But yes, there are many tour companies. No experience so far to recommend one though.

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