How long does it take to get Thai work visa?
Hey, I'm moving to Thailand at the end of September. Does anyone know the process to getting a work visa and how long it might take?
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Answer @ 4/19/2017 8:04:36 AM by agonizinglowrider
Where are you going to work? At Chiang Mai University, it took around 3 wereks to get the initial paperwork, at which point we had to leave the country, come back in on our working visa, submit that, get it back in about 2 weeks, go to the employment office to submit, get it back about a week later (pick it up), then go to immigration, where we'd get the proper visa after waiting all day (from about 4am) and then ign in every 90 days. So, from start to finish, for a year permit, was about 3 months.
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    Oh my gosh I better start now! Thankyou!
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    You get offered a job first and your employer will provide you paperwork to apply for the correct visa. When you are in the country they will get you your work permit for that position.

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