health insurance and visa options retirement in Thailand
Hi, wonder if anyone can help. My Uncle is an expat in Thailand working at a school. He is approaching 65 and is due to retire from his job in Thailand. Can anyone recommend on health insurance or visa options as an expat at this time of his life. Chasing some success stories and positive advice so that he can remain in Thailand with his Thai wife into retirement. He has some health issues and needs good quality health insurance.
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    He can get a marriage visa
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    is this better/worse than a retirement visa?
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    From what I know from living in Thailand retirement visa means he can stay there with no border runs pretty much forever but it's very expensive.
Answer @ 9/13/2017 5:33:35 PM by jamesfells
There are health insurance options open to those in their 60's, although pre-existing conditions are not likely to be covered.

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