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We are coming to Thailand for two months by plane. We are Australians living in Hoi An. Googling is not giving me info needed. We plan to get a one month extension in Krabi. First of we need an outgoing ticket and can it set to be two months from arrival. We understand we get 28, 30 or 31 days visa at airport and 28 30 day visa extension which number of days are both these visas? We plan to do Pai in Chiang Mai any other suggestions where to go up there. Thanks
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Answer @ 3/15/2017 5:34:15 AM by Karma
You will get a 30 day visa EXEMPTION on arrival. You can get a 30 day EXTENSION to that visa exemption by going to an immigration office and paying a fee of 1900 baht. You will not be getting any actual visa. our plane ticket dated say 59 days after arrival will not satisfy the requirements for the initial visa exemption. If they do enforce the rule about onward travel, then that onward travel ticket MUST be within the initial 30 day period being granted. I’m not sure about the latest situation, but in the past, Thai Immigration have never enforced the requirement to have onward travel. You are more likely to be denied check-in by the airline for not satisfying Thai Immigration requirements for onward travel. You may not face this obstacle. If you do, you may be able to get around it by any of these methods: a) show them a credit card to indicate that you have funds to buy a ticket later (this has worked for me). b) sign a waiver absolving the airline of the responsibility to pay for your ticket out of Thailand, if Thai immigration refused to allow you to enter (other people have done this). c) book a cheap ticket out of the country (you can do this at the last minute at the airport) and throw it away. Or buy a ticket that can be cancelled. There are online services to accommodate this. Costs $9 I think. Be prepared, and get to the airport early! Remember, you may not have wifi access when you land at your destination country, so it may be difficult to buy a ticket there.

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