Thai Visa in Third Country (Argentina)
Visa question in Argentina... Anyone have any experience with getting a touristic visa(60 days) in Argentina? I know Argentinians get 90 day free or something, so kinda wondering if anyone foreign to Argentina has tried getting one from there? I'm Norwegian and I will fly in from Buenos Aires next time. Was hoping to stay for a week or so in BA and get a touristic visa at the Thai embassy there. Anyone reckon how long it will take? Can find very little info on google and their own home page.
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    No visa required for Norwegian passport holders according to wikitravel.
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    ah, maybe i didnt make it clear. i want a T visa to thailand, FROM Argentina. I see how my text might be a bit unclear. I will be in Argentina and travel to thailand. I want to get a T visa before i enter, so i can get the 60 days + 30 extension.
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    Single entry are granted at nearly every embassy. Multiple entry in your home country. Likely will be able to get single entry there.
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    I want a single entry 60 day touristic visa to thailand. but i want to get it at the thai embassy in Buenos Aires. so i will be getting the touristic visa in Argentina
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    I don't think that move has many precedents... Visit the thai embassy in Buenos Aires or contact them. On the other hand, we Argentinians get 90 days free on the grounds of nationality (binational agreement). The Thai embassy in Argentina won't issue 90 days visas to anyone of any nationality just because the embassy is placed in Argentina. Good luck.
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