How one gets residency in Turkey
Some of my family are looking to come to Antalya for a 12 month period. Does anybody have information on how one gets residency these days? Can they still come in on tourist visa and then apply? or must they do the application on home soil prior? Thanks for any advice
Answer @ 2/26/2017 3:10:34 PM by VLarsen
Yes they can come on a tourist visa first and then apply for residence. I think the rules are still about the same. If you can show on your bank account you have the required money to take care of yourself for one year, i can remember it was about 900 dollar a month x 12, and pay the fee for your residence pas, and a address, and a virgi number, you have a good change it permitted. Good luck. Stay safe and sound!
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    Wow - so they need to have approx 10,000USD each?
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    or they do 6 months at the end of their tourist visa giving them about 9 months. or do 3 months at a time.
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    Yes also possible you can do it in parts 1x 6 months and after this 1x 3 months. It make 9 x 900 dollar but then you do not need to pay it at ones. It really quit normal they ask you for this because without money from where are you gonna live by. But if you have a one year working contract or married to a Turk you do not need to have this money because then you have a income or your husband takes care.
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    I think you and Nursac can write a letter or sth to confirm that you'll support them financially then u don't have to have 10k, u just show that u both work. My friend does it with her mum every year.
Answer @ 3/2/2017 7:10:34 PM by windiestbreakfront
I hear they don't ask for the money deal too much. Better to get info on this through immigration office Tim. They are very helpful.
Answer @ 3/5/2017 8:10:34 AM by Federico93
They don't ask for proof of money anymore. I just finished my new ikamet. There is just a question in the form, if you have sufficient funds to support your stay.
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    Oh really that easy nowadays. That must have changed recently then, I remember in 2014 it was still needed. So everybody can just come without money requirements, I ask myself why is that.

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