Where is Guinness sold in Belek or Centre of Antalya???
Anyone know any bars that sell Guinness in Belek or the Centre of Antalya?? Cheers in advance :)
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    The english bar in belek does
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    Do u know where it is?
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    Do you no belek?it's in the centre where the swan waterfall is....just ask any taxi driver. Its called Gardeners there is a sign at end of road for it
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    And Dublin in Kaleici it's got Irish music playing all day
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    Just visited Gardner's bar in Belek — they have only bottles :(
    No Guinness from tap, heh...
Answer @ 5/3/2017 8:21:18 PM by SErgüç
Big Yellow Taxi Benzin Cafe, Işıklar, Antalya - the one at the entrance of Karaalioğlu Park.
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    Terrible place. Don't even know how to make a waffle.
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    They asking for beer, not waffle.

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