Importing my fur babies question
Has anyone successfully imported their fur babies from the US to the UK? We greatly appreciate your input and experience.
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Answer @ 7/5/2019 6:00:00 AM by T_Boliver1979
Based on your circumstance, to stay in the UK, you have two options 1- your wife applies university to study. While she is studying, she can work part time during term and full time when on break term.

You and children can apply dependent visa based on your wife basis. With dependent visa, You can work full time. But after finishing student visa, to stay in the UK, either you or your wife has to apply for a job at big company which can sponsor visa for you or your wife. And UK Gov has a list of companies who can sponsor international people.
Answer @ 7/5/2019 4:00:00 PM by TCRAGG
I brought my two dogs from the us into the UK. It was a VERY tedious process. You have to get signatures to validate that they dont have rabies (theres no rabies in the uk) which is why they're so strict on it. There was also a processing fee.

Additionally all animals must be received by HARC(Heathrow Animal Reception) through cargo unless they are support animals. If I do choose to go the support route be mindful of the flight time. No animals in cabin on flights over 8 hrs anymore.

Both HARC and USDA in Albany (where your international health certificate will get certified) are very helpful. They answered my emails within an hour or so it was almost as if we were on chat! Good luck!

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