snowboarding in Antalya
my friend and I are looking to take a few days to go snowboarding in Antalya. Any information on the mountains to go to, where to stay, and how much rentals for all gear normally runs would be appreciated. Were trying to do it while not spending too much : ) Also, transportation from Konyaalti area....
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    The 2 mountain options are Saklikent (50min drive from Antalya) and Davraz (1.5 hours drive from Antalya, near Isparta). A day pass at Saklikent I believe is 60tl (all days), Davraz is 35tl (weekdays) and 60tl (weekends). Davraz is a much better resort in terms of lifts, runs and area. I'm not 100% sure on what the rental costs are, but at Davraz you should be able to get all equipment for about 70tl for the day (approximately). Saklikent I t
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    whats a night cost to normal stay up at these resorts, or are there guesthouses/ hostels/ airbnb. If I was going I would definitely want to stay the night, so I would be looking for the place with best accommodation.
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    Rental of complete gear is 75 in both places
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    No decent accommodation at Saklıkent so the only choice is Davraz. Lovely hotel (Sirene I think) but expensive. There are a couple of small pansions near Davraz but they are a little way down the mountain, and good luck finding a website or telephone number on Google! Sirene Davraz is a little overpriced but they do deals during the week and it is on the slope. As a resort, Davraz is much bigger and better than Saklikent (though still small by i
Answer @ 1/12/2017 5:45:18 AM by unfashionablelurkin
30 TL/person for Service to Saklıkent - Pickup by 5M Migros area. Pickup comes once a day. you need to make a reservation 1 day in advance.

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