Who can deal with mad soi dog
Husband got bitten by a soi dog this morning and now wondering what anyone would do about the dog. It lives in a car park we've seen him before I think the locals there lock it out at night. The attack was unprovoked and its worrying it could just have easily been a child walking past that got bitten. I'm nervous to just let it go. Any ideas? FYI- in case anyone's concerned I'm writing this from hospital where he's being punched full of rabies vac.
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Answer @ 3/10/2017 10:36:03 PM by FritzR1974
You can ask your neighbors to call the local officials who take care of soi dog in particular. It should 'Ted-sa-barn' who nornally gets soi dogs out of the street when someone reports/requests for it.
Answer @ 3/10/2017 7:36:03 AM by VratkoP
Over in Malaysia, we have an association called SPCA. If any public call and inform they will come and catch the dog then bring it to the pound.
Answer @ 3/15/2017 9:36:03 AM by DDurdík
Even minor dog bites can be very infectious. Cleaning a wound and using only a off the shelf disinfectant don't necessarily do the trick. Trust you have taken the step to get it treated properly. A tetanus shot is one of the SOPs.
Answer @ 3/12/2017 12:36:03 PM by AirDragon
If you are within the city of bangkok, and you want the dog removed, the bangkok metropolitan authority will do so. the bma will take the dog to a shelter in prawet for a quarantine period with vaccination/sterilization, then later ship it to a massive shelter in uthai thani province. they only kill the dogs if rabies is suspected. you probably need a thai speaker to help you make that call. if you are outside bangkok proper, try contacting your local municipality and they can either help or put you in contact with the department of livestock development who typically deal with stray dogs in areas where the municipal governments do not. dont call the police, that's just nonsense.
Answer @ 3/6/2017 4:36:03 AM by Rangarajan1988
I'm sorry it happened to your husband, but is there a story behind this? Dogs don't just appear out of nowhere and bite someone unless its protecting her pups or being provoked. you can also check out a facebook page called " the man that rescue dogs" this farang is residing in Bangkok to rescue strays. speedy recovery to your husband.
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    some people are what I call "dog whisperers". they can communicate with animals at a very intimate level. but that is not the case with most of us. I met this guy who told me that I didn't know how to deal with animals. so, I asked him to approach these vicious looking dogs to see what would happen. the guy went over and pet them like they were his own dogs. surprised me. but THEN, when I went to pet them, they almost bit my hand off. weird.

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