Unknown follow up charges
My son had minor accident and we had to take him to Bangkok Hospital. He got 4 stitches and we ended paying about 7500 for the process that day.

He was later called 3 times after this for followup treatment. Nobody spoke of any payments, so we assumed everything to be a part of the initial amount.

I just got a call from Bangkok Hospital five days later, saying we need to pay another 7K for the 3 follow up visits.

I am just shocked and surprised on how they are dealing with finances. Is this normal? Anyone else have a similar experience?
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    Hospitals are a business here it's normal. Always do follow up locally. Much cheaper.
Answer @ 7/6/2019 7:00:00 PM by lonliergrim
You have been taken. I went to my local hospital and had 12 stitches in my head.

Tetanus shots etc. 1500 baht.

Check price first every time.

Your doctor would only have charged you 300 baht.

Bangkok and Samithivej hospitals are expensive, sometime even unreasonable, and to be honest, not even that good or better than other hospitals
Answer @ 7/14/2019 10:00:00 PM by sneeringhelmet
Bangkok hospital is quite pricy. I got a major accident last month.

I’ve been admitted for 5 days + follow treatment during 1 month costed around 100k total.

But I always paid day by day.

The checkups are just to generate revenue.

Next time ask them what day the stitches are due to come out and go back that day.

You can tell yourself if it starts looking infected then go back right away.

If looks like normal healing those checkups are a waste of time and they don't really do anything other than make more money for the hospital and doctors.

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