Excursions around Porterillos lake, Mendoza? And cost.
We will be staying close to Porterillos lake, Mendoza, Feb 04-07th.I have found some excursions: 4x4 High Andes Tour with Jeep, 1 day (approx 10 hours) but costs 110 USD per person. Same price is for Horse riding Tour. That seems quite expensive. Any suggestions?
Answer @ 1/20/2017 3:01:54 PM by Luciana1985
The place is expensive, however once you're there ask locals and negotiate price (even more so if you're in a group)
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    Problem is that there is 2 of us and if I accept this proposal (package), we will be without a car in a distant b&b..
Answer @ 1/22/2017 11:01:54 AM by RyanCollins
That sounds reasonable actually. I paid $250 US last year, for a private driver, including visits to 3 bodegas, wine tasting and gourmet lunch.
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    Per person or?
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    It was for the car, but I was alone. If I was with a group, it would have been far less, but I couldn't find anyone wanting to go!
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    Sounds like a deal to me with all those things included!
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    Well, let me preface it with the fact that he quoted me in official pesos (at the time it was like 8-9) and I was buying them at 15-16 so it was quite the deal! Doing all the math, with the blue dollar rate, it cost about $250 in total for everything. But today's a bit different with the blue dollar being just slightly more.
Answer @ 1/17/2017 6:01:54 PM by clearestrsvp137
The 1/2 day rafting with Argentina Rafting was fun and inexpensive in comparison to other tours! 420 per person plus transportation, if needed. And lunch at the outdoor restaurant there was surprisingly delicious and very chill. For tours of vineyards, i would highly recommend Trout and Wine -- super professional and responsive. We had an amazing private tour on day 1 of lujan de cuyo and a group tour of uco valley on day 2. Both included an amazing lunch (amazing!). The private tour was 2380 AR per person and the group tour was 1900 AR including transportation. Enjoy!

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