Exchanging Australian Driving Licence for French
Hey guys, a question for anyone who's exchanged their Aus drivers' licence for a French one: is the expiry date of the Aus licence ever an issue? I'm planning to exchange mine in the next couple of months, but it's up for renewal this September, so I'm wondering if I need to renew it now to be safe before I try to exchange it...
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Answer @ 2/2/2017 4:05:21 AM by scantyentryway398
Make sure you get your driving record while in Aus. Should take about 2 mins at the Dept of Transport. I had to get that translated and and the licence. Make sure you get an appointment in advance at the prefecture as can be super hard to get. Always booked 3 months in advance but if you refresh hundreds of times one eventually shows up.
Answer @ 2/1/2017 10:05:21 PM by Amelia1979
French driver licences don't have expiry dates so they don't look at that at all. However the rule is you can't have lived in France for over a year before changing your licence. Look at the website of your local prefecture. it is a pain in the backside though - just warning you. took me a year to finish the process and I was calling often and being relentless. They also took my Australian licence away because you're only allowed to have ONE however a year later I got a letter from the RTA in NSW saying that my licence has to be renewed. I did it online and they resent me my Australian licence so now I have 2! Clearly the French don't contact Australia to say that my licence is no long valid!

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