Looking for English Speaking Hospital in Hangzhou
We are moving to Hangzhou soon and I'm in search of a good and English speaking maternity hospital. Does anyone have good recommendations? Unfortunately don't speak any Chinese and have never been to China before
Answer @ 6/2/2017 3:02:58 AM by Davis75
American SINO - if you have a good insurance. English speaking doctors. http://sh.am-sino.com/en/ AIMA - A little less pricy, English speaking staff and translation. http://www.hzaima.com/english/ MARIA - A Chinese private maternity hospital, I gave birth there. English is not amazing, but doable. http://www.hzmly.cn/
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    Thank you so so so much. Big help. Will have a look at them. Do you know what a natural birth in a private hospital in Hangzhou costs?
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    Really depends; I believe SINO is around 70.000 rmb and Maria was around 20.000 rmb (I believe, I ended up with C/Section so extra 10.000 on top).

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