Stopover ideas from Switzerland to Australia
We are travelling to Australia to see the family in Melbourne in May; thinking about where to stop and why. Suggestions please.
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Answer @ 4/26/2017 3:58:18 AM by tactlesstern
Shanghai ! What an amazing idea for a stopover on the way to Australia from Switzerland. And if you are well prepared, as we have been, you would be surprised how many sights and experiences you can enjoy in only 24h: a touch of culture, a touch of gastronomy, a touch of architecture and a touch of history… We do recommend staying at The Indigo Hotel on the Bund, one of the very best boutique hotels in Asia, and so well located for a short stopover. From this hotel, walk on the Bund promenade up to Nanjing Road (East), have a look on the very crowded and colourful pedestrian mall, visit the Fairmont Peace Hotel, an art-deco monument, and have a cocktail at Bar Rouge for a breathtaking views on Lujiazui, the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bund. Then have dinner at the Char Restaurant, at the Indigo Hotel's 30th floor for another great view of Pudong. In the morning, get a cultural (mild) shock on Fang Bang Road (Old Shanghai Road), discover the peaceful and amazing Yu Gardens and then enjoy a Wonton soup before getting back to the airport ! There are so many more attractions, sights and experiences to enjoy in Shanghai, such as a cooking course ! Swiss & Australian passport holders do not need a visa to visit Shanghai in less than 72h. On our side, after flying with the excellent Etihad Airways, we will now continue our way to Australia with Qantas Airways, known for its friendly service.

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