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    As the capital city of the Limburg province, and the southernmost city in the Netherlands with the Meuse River splitting her in two, and within walking distance of both Germany and Belgium, Maastricht is a major destination for travelers not only because of the medieval architecture and the laid-back vibe as a result of its universities, but also because it is a major shopping center and the headquarters for the Dutch national tourist agency, the VV. From the various museums to the coffee shops, the public parks, and the 13th century walls surrounding the city, Maastricht has more to offer than simply a pot-smoker’s dream-come-true. This is a medieval city at its core, surrounded by modernity.

    Perhaps one of the most unique features of Maastricht, at least for the modern traveler, is how much bicycles are used. In fact, in many cities within the Netherlands it is possible for you to rent public bicycles and ride them around town for an extremely small fee, and it’s almost an unspoken rule that you are expected to become part of the bicycle crowd while in Maastricht. While a visitor can just as easily walk everywhere if they choose, bicycles are a great way to head out of the city on a day trip if you prefer, or simply use them to cruise around the city streets to explore the medieval architecture. Bikes trump cars in this city, so you don’t have to worry about traffic.

    Between St. Servaas Church or St. Jan’s Cathedral, or the Derlon Museum and the Bonnefanten Museum, or exploring one of the various festivals at the Vrijthof during festivals such as the Carnaval—described by many as a North European Mardi Gras— or the Andre Rieu concerts, there is simply too much to explore in just one trip. Also in the winter, there's a rink, Christmas stalls, gluhwein etc. And given the fact that the Netherlands have a relaxed policy on certain recreational tobacco products, kicking back in a coffee shop has never been so fun.

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      Landmarks near Maastricht

      Looking for something to do or a place to go see near Maastricht? Here is our list of options.

      • Toine Hermsen (restaurant)
        0.54 Km from Maastricht
        Toine Hermsen is a restaurant located in Maastricht in the Netherlands. It is a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one or two Michelin stars from 1993 to present. GaultMillau awarded the restaurant 16.0 out of 20 points. Toine Hermsen is a member of Les Patrons Cuisiniers.
      • Kruitmolen
        9.38 Km from Maastricht
        The Kruitmolen (English: Powder mill, Limburgish: Polfermeule) is a watermill located on the Plenkertstraat 82 in Valkenburg aan de Geul, Netherlands. Build in 1820 along the Geul river, the watermill functioned as powder mill until 1851 and temporarily became a paper mill between 1875 and 1884. Since 1887 it is part of a brewery where it currently still forms a part of the electrical supply system. The mill is a rijksmonument since January 24, 1984 and is part of the Top 100 Dutch heritage site...
      • De Valkenier
        9.52 Km from Maastricht
        De Valkenier (English: The falconer) is an amusement park in the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul, in the province of Limburg, Netherlands. The attractions focus mostly on families with children below the age of twelve. Founded by Jan Albert Otermans in 1934 under the name Ontspanningsoord Natuurbad Valkenburg (English: Recreational natural pool Valkenburg) it is the oldest amusement park in the Benelux countries. Starting with a rowing pond with a playground and pool, the park added attra...
      • Prinses Juliana
        9.83 Km from Maastricht
        Prinses Juliana is a former restaurant located in Valkenburg aan de Geul in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one or two Michelin stars in the period 1958-2006. The last head chef was Andy Brauers. The importance of the restaurant is found not only in the food that it produced, but also in the chefs that it trained. Many Michelin starred chefs started their career or did part of their training here. Young chefs that worked at Prinses Juliana include Cas Spijkers, ...
      • Alden Biesen Castle
        12.01 Km from Maastricht
        Alden Biesen is a 16th-century castle in Belgium, located in the small village of Rijkhoven in the municipality of Bilzen in the province of Limburg.
      • Kasteel Wittem
        15.91 Km from Maastricht
        Kasteel Wittem is a former restaurant located in Wittem, in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in the period 1977-1989. In the period 1975-1979, head chef was Jan Vossen. At least in the period 1987-1990, Theus van Schaik was the head chef. Wim Rekko took over, but could not retain the star. The restaurant was part of Hotel Kasteel Wittem, which closed down in June 2009. The owners Marc and Peter Ritzen had run the hotel for 40 years. The hotel re...
      • Europlanetarium Genk
        16.08 Km from Maastricht
        The Europlanetarium Genk is a people's observatory and planetarium in Genk, Belgium.
      • Val-Dieu Abbey
        18.85 Km from Maastricht
        Val-Dieu Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery in the Berwinne valley near Aubel in the Land of Herve (province of Liège, Belgium).
      • Royal Theater Heerlen
        20.41 Km from Maastricht
        Situated close to the Heerlen train station, this egg shaped building dates back to 1938 and is one of the oldest still used cinemas of the Netherlands. It was designed by Frits Peutz (best known for the Glaspaleis) and J. Bongaerts. The buildings behind it are from a later date and include another building by Peutz (Rivoli, 1958). It originally had 1180 seats (some sources say 814, but 1180 is more likely); this amount was later reduced by almost half for more leg room, leaving 743 seats).
      • Glaspaleis
        20.64 Km from Maastricht
        The Glaspaleis (in English: Glass Palace) is a modernist building in Heerlen, the Netherlands, built in 1935. Formerly a fashion house and department store, Schunck, it is now the cultural centre of the city. The original name was Modehuis Schunck (Schunck Fashion House), but it was soon nicknamed Glaspaleis, which is now the official name. The architectural style is largely according to what is in the Netherlands known as het Nieuwe Bouwen, which corresponds roughly to Modernism, Bauhaus and In...

      Points of Interest near Maastricht

      Looking for important things or something to do or a place to go see near Maastricht? Here is our list of options.

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      • Valkenburg aan de Geul
        Valkenburg aan de Geul is situated in the southeastern Dutch province of Limburg.

        Nowadays Valkenburg is especially known for its touristic character. There are several attractions within walking distance of the city centre.

        Valkenburg is situated in a beautiful part of the Netherlands which is perfectly suited for walks or (mountain) bike tours through the hilly terrain. Although the municipality Valkenburg aan de Geul only has about 18,000 inhabitants, it hosts about 1 million nights a year.

        Valkenburg has the oldest still existing railway station building in the Netherlands.
        Valkenburg aan de Geul, Netherlands
      • De TWEE Gezusters
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        De TWEE Gezusters Putgraaf 3, 6411 GT Heerlen, Netherlands
      • Liège
        Liége is situated 90 km east of Brussels. The city i fairly large and the second largest french speaking city in Belgium. Liegé is the pricipal economic and cultural center of Wallonia. There are more than 470.000 inhabitants and today I think half of them were at the same market as I was. Liége is also called the daughter of the Meuse river or "La cité ardenté" (the fiery city).
        Liège, Belgium
      • Hasselt
        Hasselt is the capital of the Belgiam province of Limburg, not to be confused with the Dutch province of Limburg. Hasselt is located on the Albert Canal and the Demer, between Kempen and Haspengouw.

        On the 'grote market' (Market square) there are numerous cafes, restaurants and taverns, as well as in the rest of the city. Demerstraat and the Koning Albertstraat (King Albert Street) are the main shopping streets.

        The city has an accommodation for national and international sports, cultural and music events, conferences and fairs, it has the largest Japanese gardens of Europe and there are several museums, including the Fashion Museum.
        Hasselt, Belgium
      • Aachen
        Aachen is one of those cities that cries out beautiful even on a rainy day. The city's main focus is religion, with amazing churches around every corner covered with colored stained-glass windows and heavy stone architecture. Aachen, however, also has a very hospitable feel to it as well; as I walk through the winding alleyways of the city, I come across crowds of people that are all attempting to get a look at a beautiful bride and handsome groom as they walk down the steps of the Parliament building. They hop into their new Porsche as a married couple for the first time and ride off into the cool, rainy sunset.

        With this in mind, Aachen could also be considered a city of love due to its peaceful atmosphere and abundance of happy married couples who have all eloped in the churches their ancestors were married in. This old city is continually rising as a top visiting destination as its busy neighbors to the north (Dusseldorf and Cologne)are starting to realize Aachen is becoming more of a competition.

        It is mostly known for its large and exciting Christmas market. This is truly beautiful and worth a visit. Aachen is a treat for everyone in the Christmas spirit. If you're at the Christmas market you should definitely try ''bratwurst''.
        Aachen, Germany
      • Spa
        Spa is a village in the province of Liège (Walloon region) in Belgium. This village is famous for its sources of healing mineral springs and for the race course. At this race course there is the yearly Grand Prix of Belgium with the Formula One cars.
        Spa 4900 Spa, Belgium
      • Roermond

        A city in the southeastern part of the Netherlands is called Roermond. This city carries an immense historical value as a town, at the bank of the Meuse River on the lower Roer. It has been awarded to the city rights in 1231. The management here designated it as a conservation area. With the passage of time, the town played a key role as a commercial centre; it was a principal town land in the duchy of   Guelders and it has been serving as the seat of the since 1559 of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Roermond. The towers of its two churches named as Roermond Minster or Munsterkerk in Dutch and St. Christopher Cathedral highlighted the importance of the historic town. Due to the importance of the two major churches, this town has been many listed monuments and buildings.

        Roermond's old city centre is home to several historic monuments, including:

        Minster church (Munsterkerk)
        Stateroom of city hall
        The old cemetery
        Kapel in 't Zand
        Roermond City Hall
        St. Christopher Cathedral
        Carolus chapel
        National Indiëmonument
        Kasteeltje Hattem
        The Galgeberg is a small hill in Roermond. It is in the Kapel in 't Zand-area of Roermond.

        “Galgeberg” is a place famous for its gallows. Long time ago, the criminals were burned or hanged there. For example many witches were brought there to burn; the bottom line is that it was the biggest famous place in the Netherlands ever for the witches.

        On the other hand, a problem is that Roermond is one of the unsafe places due to the close border with many cities with the fear of war anytime. Netherlands has been given the ranked 3rd for the most criminal city. Roermond, in 2007 successfully reduced its rank in the list of criminals and got 9th place. Efforts were being put to make the Netherlands more criminals free by stopping the major crimes such as house/car robberies and snatching.

        Roermond, Netherlands

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      Climate near Maastricht

      When is the best time of year to go to Maastricht ? Check our average weather graph and table. If know about Maastricht then why not join our community and tell us about the climate, or use the drop box at the bottom of the page to tell us about it?

      Graphic showing average weather in Maastricht in Celcius and Centimeters (Change to Farenheit and Inches)

      Month Temp °C Rainfall Cm Temp °F Rainfall Inches
      Jan 2.9 86.9 37.2 34.2
      Feb 3.2 70 37.8 27.6
      Mar 6.2 64.9 43.2 25.6
      Apr 9.2 67.9 48.6 26.7
      May 14 70.3 57.2 27.7
      Jun 16.6 81.9 61.9 32.2
      Jul 18.4 96.2 65.1 37.9
      Aug 17.8 97.5 64 38.4
      Sep 14.9 80.1 58.8 31.5
      Oct 10.6 80.7 51.1 31.8
      Nov 6 81.8 42.8 32.2
      Dec 3.6 90.4 38.5 35.6

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