TAX DECLARATION Netherland/Germany
I have some daunts regarding tax declaration, hope you can advice me here.

My status: My home country is Poland, where I had no income in 2018 whatsoever.

I lived and worked in the Netherlands for 7 full months in 2018. In August I moved to DE (5 mths 2018).

Is it possible to ask german tax advisor to fill out & send the declaration both for NL and DE so that I don't need to look for someone in NL to do it?

Of course I'd like to avoid double taxation etc.
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I do understand that the whole tax has to be paid in NL. The part which is still unclear to me is whether I can ask the Steuerberater to do ALL the bureaucracy on my behalf. Speaking of ALL the bureaucracy I mean: filling out both NL and DE documents and sending them to NL and DE authorities/financial organizations. OR maybe I need to go both to NL and DE tax advisers separately.
Answer @ 2/25/2019 2:00:00 PM by buhrstoneequally
You will have to pay tax for the whole of 2018 in the Netherlands.

There is the 6 month rule where ever you were living for 6 months or more within the tax year is the country you pay tax in.

Which means if you paid any German tax in 2018 you need to apply for a rebate and then you will pay Dutch tax on that income.
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    He shouldn't apply for a rebate, but rather apply the tax paid in Germany to his Dutch tax bill. The Netherlands will give him a tax credit for taxes paid in Germany, and he'll settle under the Dutch tax system.
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    You are right! I stand to be corrected - you need to offset the taxes you paid in Germany.

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