Azure windows around the world
Sat here in Malta and planning a day trip to Gozo tomorrow. Kinda sad that the Azure window no longer exists. Where else in the world are there alternative limestone arches like this... to put on the bucket list?
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So there was some gale force winds and we didn't make it that day, but went today. There is another arch on Gozo that you can go and see. I don't know how spectacular the Azure window was, or if it was more accessible than this one - but this "window" is pretty cool. It is called It Tieqa Ta' Wied Il-Mielah which is not exactly a catchy-name and they might have to come up with a better one if it is to be a tourist attraction. The arch itself is called It-Tieqa, all the rest of the name is to with the river that it is situated on. For example the river Wied flows into the sea at the north-west corner of Gozo. The It-Tieqa, is a "window" or "aperture" - caused by the pounding of the waves on the rock for thousands of years, that has hollowed out the megalithic archway in the sea. Lovely and quiet the day we went. We parked a km or so up the road to get a stroll in. Seems there was a step ladder down to the sea level in the past - but this has been allowed to decay and is in an unsafe condition today. You can jump a gate and get reasonably close safely however.

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