Feature requests in light of the TravBuddy site shutdown
I'm the owner of this site Red Planet Travel. I'm welcoming travellers from the TravBuddy site; which is shutting down.

Does anyone know why TravBuddy is closing?
What features would you like to see on Red Planet Travel to make it your website of choice for planning, recording and going further with your travels?
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Answer @ 4/17/2018 6:03:23 PM by spocklogic
I am spocklogic on TravBuddy also. I think the closure of TravBuddy was mainly a monetary and maintenance issue. The site was not making enough $$ to support the servers and maintenance on the site. I will give some consideration to the features the community enjoyed on TravBuddy and inform others to come here and check it out. Most TB members are busy preserving their travel content before closure of TravBuddy, so time to explore other sites later.
Answer @ 4/29/2018 11:28:17 AM by Solopes
I've been exploring the site and its features and have some comments


Visitors will start to write to Dropbox. If they join and become members, they may want to edit those writings and move them to the review section. There’s no way to do it directly.

The solution is to copy the contents and edit it in the reviews area, which means repetitive texts. Authors should be able to edit and delete their posts in Dropbox as in reviews.

The solution of captains reviewing the dropbox and gathering the useful information is positive, but the assignment to the captain should be kept only for visitor’s material (whose original should remain in the dropbox), assigning the credits to the author as soon as he becomes a member.
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    OK. Yes, currently content placed into the dropboxes is "lost" in a sense - the plan was for new members to become attracted to the site, and give quick snippets of additional information on a place which is validated and added to the page by more senior members or the Page Captain (if exists). Let's see how this progresses and we keep it under review. Maybe giving access to all previous drops later is a good idea.
Answer @ 4/29/2018 11:28:37 AM by Solopes
Page display

I like the accordion solution to all the themes, however, anytime you access a page all of them are open, forcing a long scroll down. I think that it would be more practical if most (or all) of them were closed when opening the page. This applies also when posting a review – once submitted everything will open again.
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    Right now the page needs to refresh - however I always planned to introduce Service Calls to avoid a page refresh in the same way when a Page Section is edited. My view is that for small form factors like mobile phones - the accordion should be closed - for desktop displays, most, if not all should be open by default.
Answer @ 4/29/2018 11:28:51 AM by Solopes

Searching with tags is a good solution, but it would be practical to pre-define a few main categories, (restaurant, transport, beach, nightlife, whatsoever) automatically added as tags. Searching or writing could be eased just ticking the category instead of writing it all the time.

So far, I didn’t find out how to add tags to a review
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    Yes. The current version uses a special set of tags for the review writers Capacities (Age, Disability, Status, Hobbies etc). The location has its own tags as normal. Later I realised that using the standard set for the review writer might make sense too. My view is to see how this working in practice and then RPT members can post their views and we come to a consensus.
Answer @ 4/29/2018 11:28:59 AM by Solopes
Your activity

We may control Questions and answers, reviews, and travel tips, however, if we write in another section (overview, for instance) we lose control of it. Furthermore, I don’t know if the list admits sorting or filtering. It may be important for big contributors.
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    You will only lose control if there is Page Captain (and they don't include you on the Page Crew for that page). Normally you can always return to the page and edit it. The controls and history are in the TravelWiki channel section in the user account area. The user home page does need some changes to make this clearer... and I'm open to suggestions of how to do this!
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    Yes. The account home areas (like reviews, answers, page sections) needs filtering to allow easy access for users who contribute large amounts of data. Just waiting for these users to come...

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