Prepaid Without contract SIM card Berlin
Hey I need the best Pre-paid SIM card with lots of data without contract any TIPS?
Answer @ 8/7/2017 12:23:54 PM by FLudwig78
https://www.handy-deutschland.de/ this website makes good comparisons, even if you don't know German, you can use it I guess. (If you speak German, it gets easier of course) this website makes good comparisons, even if you don't know German, you can use it I guess. (If you speak German, it gets easier of course)
Answer @ 8/6/2017 9:23:54 PM by blueko
Can I not recommend O2 - its the worse costumer service i've ever heard of (even worse than Comcast) and the pre-paid is almost 3x as much as what I'm paying... and I might not even have the cheapest out there. so... it's just a terrible company. and they target fresh "expats" knowing the really have no idea whats out there and get them into way overpriced contracts before they can shop the market.
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    I have never had issues with customer service, I go in there monthly to renew my card and the people there are also very nice and helpful. I pay about 30 euros for 7GB of data per month. If you know a better deal I would love to go switch to it.
Answer @ 8/5/2017 11:23:54 PM by redmouse
There was another thread here where someone pointed out that you can get a Lebara sim and 20 GB of data for €22. It only lasts one month, then you need replace the sim again.
Answer @ 8/8/2017 10:23:54 PM by OSaks88
Lyca from Hermanplatz 9€ for 10gb internet only. It's a prepaid internet sim everymonth buy a new sometimes he gives for 8.50€ internet cafe shop after crossing RisA chicken.
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    Why would it be cheaper at Hermanplatz than other locations? I thought I saw an ad like that a while ago, but when I went to a Lyca place to ask about it, the price was significantly higher
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    Turk's and Arab's sellers have special discounts from Lyca & Lebara
Answer @ 8/13/2017 12:23:54 PM by JFrancoR
Having a shitload of numbers is prety handy though, for verifying bullshit stuff via sms. I have dual sim, I could get the cheap new sim every month for data and still use the old sim for number simultaneously, win.

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