Bought S pass by mistake
I've searched around and I cannot find a solid answer for this anywhere.

Every month I buy two monthly BVG passes for 81 euros each. One for my wife and one for myself.

Today at the S-bahn station it was time to renew my ticket and i saw something called an S pass I thought this was a reduced ticket for s bahn only so I bought them only to find out it is only valid for those receiving unemployment benefits.

Is there any chance if I go into an info center and explain they would be willing to take the tickets in exchange for the monthly pass I typically buy given I pay the difference, or am I most likely just out 55€?
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To update this post - the S-Bahn Kundenzentrum at Alexanderplatz was incredibly helpful. They where very understanding of the mistake I made and where happy to take my incorrectly purchased tickets and exchange them for the VBB-Umweltkarte I should have purchased. They only made me pay the difference of 107 euros rather than the whole cost of the two tickets!!! They didn't even ask for a receipt or anything.
Answer @ 2/24/2019 8:00:00 PM by waylandideal85
I think you can try it for sure !

I cannot guarrantee it would work but i will do it if i was in your situation. Just show proof that you bought it yourself maybe !

Also If you wanna save some money you can get a yearly subscription with BVG its around 60 eu per month so its cheaper than buying each month (it's renewable so if you need to cancel make sure you informed them in advance)
Answer @ 2/28/2019 11:00:00 PM by Harneralready92
One time I bought a monthly ticket but for the wrong time period, brought it to the office at Jannowitzbrücke and they switched the ticket immediately, no questions asked.

I didn’t need to provide proof of purchase at all. I would try it for sure!

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