furnished vs unfurnished flat in Berlin?
Moving to Berlin soon and I wanted to know what are people's thoughts around getting a furnished vs unfurnished flat?

I find it hard to find a furnished flat when I search (on Immobilienscout I wasn't able to find the furnished flat section) and Airbnb is too pricey for long term.

Would appreciate any advice.
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Answer @ 2/24/2019 12:00:00 AM by MerlynP1982
Furnished flats are not very common in Berlin. Usually they are offered by agencies that specialise in them and typically for a limited term.

They are usually considerably more expensive too. The upside is that in my experience they are much easier to get if you can afford them
Answer @ 3/2/2019 2:00:00 PM by Mersadize_63
I got an unfurnished and it’s turned out to be very expensive. However, it is nice everything being your own stuff and I’ve done it slowly.

Also, if you’re strapped for cash but have plenty of time I got a few things from Free Your Stuff Berlin group on facebook which is great but you have to be quick and usually have a car (I used taxis) to transport stuff.

It also means you can buy everything once and move later into unfurnished and never pay damage fees on a landlords furniture when you leave
Answer @ 3/10/2019 12:00:00 PM by AdaTerrigal91
It's easier to get a furnished flat when just moving to Berlin, so you can register yourself at the apartment and get all your documents sorted out, this option can be pricey, but it just helps to move with less stress.

All furnished apartments in Berlin are on http://wunderflats.com, the ones that provide Anmeldung.

After moving you can spend time looking for an unfurnished apartment, actually going to viewings and etc, it might take months to find one.

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