Why come to live in Germany then refuse to learn German
I’m going to post a perhaps unpopular opinion, but I’m really interested in your ideas.

I am not the biggest fan of German culture, but I cannot understand people who have been here for years and refuse to learn German.

I know learning another language is hard, and everybody has their own pace. I’m not referring to them, but to people who flat-out refuse to learn it and have no plans to change that.

I honestly met so many expats in Spain and Latin America, and they all, even the most language-challenged ones, made an effort to learn some of the language.

Perhaps it’s because they’re in a sink-or-swim situation (nobody speaks English in these regions), or because it’s so much easier to make friends with Spanish speakers than with German speakers?

I think this is the key thing. Like in all aspects of life, germans seem to have no tolerance for mistakes.
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Answer @ 2/25/2019 10:00:00 AM by polstonmassive
"because it’s so much easier to make friends with Spanish speakers than with German speakers? " That too, and the fact that German is among the most difficult languages.

Joining multiple words without a space between them, coming across new set of strange spellings combination (such as "pf" and "ztz" etc. is a horrible experience, but of course once a person gets past this learning curve for a couple of years then it seems obvious or easy.

But I think Germans are pretty tolerant of not being good at their language. Unlike English speakers, they have some sense of their language being a difficult one to learn.

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