Toddler activities in Chiang Mai
Hi everyone, we are in Chiang Mai for ten days and wondered if anyone could make some recommendations for things to do with a toddler (14 months). She is very active and loves climbing, running around, animals, water and nature. Any suggestions for parks, playgrounds, places to eat (she won't sit still for long) would be great!
Answer @ 7/19/2017 9:34:10 AM by DemiC
The >>Zoo<< is for sure big fun & also my son loved the >>Waterfalls<<. Other than that there is >>Tube Trek Waterpark<<. I also went with my son & husband to the >>Night Safari<< . There is also an >>Insect Farm<< - Loads of butterfies. And don't forget >>Bo Sang Umbrella village<<. The >>Hot Springs<< aren't far from there, too & there is plenty of space to run around. And mybe you go to >>POOPOO ELEPHANT FARM<< (Open Air museum, really cute!)   Yeah the name is funny. Also >>Huay Tung Tao Resevior<< is fun :) Sit in small bamboo houses at the lake :) >>Royal Flower Park Rajapruek<< is cute, too. Many beautiful flowers, loads of space to run around :D And wonderful smell in the air :) Of course, there is the >>Park<< (like someone mentioned before) which is coveniently in the city. There is a playground as well... RESTAURANTS: Don't worry. Thais LOVE children and are so cute to them! You won't annoy them! Everybody is prepared for kids. Have Fun!

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