US couple coming to Thailand for a year or more!
We are planning to take a year to live in Chiangmai. We would like to live in the city in close proximity to shopping etc. We are from the U.S. and are in our early 50's. We plan to spend 50-70 % of our time in Chiangmai and to travel to other places ( China, Cambodia, Vietnam etc) the remaining time. We are planning to come over early 2018 and intend to stay about 1 year initially. I'm sure I will ask a lot of questions but here are a few to start. Accommodations - would it be better to buy or rent? Planning to stay for 1 year however we will consider a longer more permanent stay depending on how we like it Pets - we have a small 7 lb toy poodle. Any challenges bringing a pet? How about vets? Boarding if we travel? Retired Visa - how hard is it to get the over 50 visa? Is the process hard from the states? Is it better to come to Chiangmai to do paperwork and to find a condo or apartment? Healthcare - any thoughts on healthcare insurance? Pay as you go? Traveling - any problems going to surrounding countries for short visits? Thank you I advance and sorry for so many questions.
Answer @ 5/7/2017 11:09:37 PM by Doris1970
we moved last month and in the same boat. 1) We opted to rent for at least a year to make sure we like it and get to know more of the neighborhoods we "might" want to buy in. Kept the house in CA and renting it out so we can go home. 2) getting visas to neighboring countries is easier than it was even a year ago. Some expats have a travel agent get it for them. But you can do it yourself. 3) my husband got a retirement visa. I'm not 50 yet and have a long term visa. It was simple enough as long as you have all your paperwork. 4) we have pit bulls and couldn't bring them over as Thailand won't let them in. If I could have, I'd have somebody here at the house we rented when we travel. This American couple has made a business out of moving here. Great stuff even if you don't give them a cent. https://www.tielandtothailand.com/ Good luck!
Answer @ 5/7/2017 2:09:37 PM by HildeL83
Accommodations are between 3300 to 15000 per month around Chiang Mai. Personally, we pay 7000 Bath (less than 300 dollars)for a house in the center of Chiang Mai. You can easily live with a pet, and get a retired visa or another one. Lot of people do it and can get a health assurance then(they buy it, of course, more expensive but still better than the States)

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