transfer money to Ukraine from Germany
I need to transfer money to Ukraine. They gave me a "private credit number", looks like a credit card number. Any idea how I can transfer money from my German credit card (Visa) to their card? Thanks ahead
Answer @ 2/4/2017 3:52:51 AM by MKuhn74
Have you tried Transferwise? https://transferwise.com/de/
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    Transferwise is definitely the best international exchange I've seen lately, though PayPal is also possible for low fees, the exchange is usually just a little worse.
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    As far as I know, you can use TransferWise only if recipient has a card issued by PrivatBank (http://en.privatbank.ua/) in Ukrainian Hryvnia. If recipient has a card issued in EUR then probably he/she has an IBAN and you can use this IBAN to send the money, like you do it within the EU (but fee is quite high, as far as I remember).

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