Good phone service provider Thailand
My husband and I are moving to Thailand from the US in 4 days, and we're looking for a good phone service provider. Any recommendations?
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    True Move H and AIS are leading and best
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    I'm very happy with AIS. True is also very good. Both will package phone and home internet but True is the leader in TV channels, so it's best to get here and then work out the best deal.
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    I have never had a problem with AIS
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    Thank you all so much! I will look into all of these and decide once we're there. I'm just so excited about ditching this expensive American plan.
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    In Thai its about 30 mins for 1$. Bit of advise dont even try to ask locals about phone plans, they have no idea about it, you have to find by yourself
Answer @ 5/12/2017 10:13:35 PM by WiesławN1988
Dtac is a better deal. The Bangkok 4G coverage is really good so you're not going to have issues that will make any difference. Get unlimited data and minimal mobile minutes and just use LINE app for calls
Answer @ 5/5/2017 4:13:35 PM by HKołodziej92
AIS or DTAC, all is good and cheap, here is some lifehack - when you buy the sim card firstly you have some extras, and the point is when you buy the new one you are also have some extras as well. when you buy firstly you get some extras, the point is that after 30 days you can buy the new sim card and will have some extras again like some free minutes etc. or even internet mobile free of charge. also there are free sim cards at airport on arrival. its about 1$ on the balance but its enough to make 1-2 calls on arrival. no joke, you can ask even any police for a free sim, no problem!
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    But it does not make sense to buy a new sim card every time just to get new extras. Because the thing is, you get a new number as well, and it would be certainly annoying to let all your contacts change your number once in a month. ^^
Answer @ 5/5/2017 5:13:35 AM by quizzicalceleryseed
I have AIS, True connection but at higher floors sometimes i get some connectivity issues but else it's all great ..
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    Use True because you can buy the pop up from any 7-11 convenient store but not AIS anymore. So if you need to pop up your sim card in the middle of the night you just go to 7-11.
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    In my experience, AIS has better coverage / service in Bangkok while True tend to have better coverage in the countryside. You can get a cheap (but sufficient) 4G subscription with AIS for ~400b.
Answer @ 5/11/2017 2:13:35 PM by bar2bone
I tried all, ais, true and dtac... since 4 years i'm with dtac and would never go back to the other providers...
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    True has better phone coverage and worse Internet; AIS is vice versa. I personally recommend True having used both.
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    i have to agree. i've been with dtac and had the same mobile number for about 20 years now. internet-wise, i've used true for 7 or 8 years and always been impressed. whenever i've had a problem, the call centre has been very helpful.

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