Bangkok US embassy walk-ins for passport renewals?
For US citizens: How strict is the US embassy about walk-ins for passport renewals? Long story short, there have been some logistical problems and I need to apply for a new passport ASAP. I need more pages. Checked the website and can't add extra pages anymore. Anyway, all appointments for next week are booked but I'm afraid to wait 2 weeks. What would happen if I show up at the embassy and explain the time crunch? Would that qualify as an "emergency"? I'd be glad to wait as long as they want as long as I eventually get seen by someone. Thanks for any advice or tips!
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    No walkins - you need to make appointment on their website
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    In my personal experience they are EXTREMELY strict. I was 15 minutes late for a morning appointment a few years back, they told me to come back at 2:00 p.m. and they MIGHT be able to get me in. This was for a simple affidavit of income. They don't even HAVE afternoon appointments any more. They absolutely will NOT let you in without an appointment unless it's a bona fide emergency
Answer @ 3/8/2017 10:30:18 PM by hungryeyes
This was for the U.S.A embassy in Singapore. When I applied for my visa, I remember that there was an "expedited appointment" option. This was for funerals/ emergencies, etc. Not for a passport renewal, but nonetheless, seems like they would take a Case by case basis. I would imagine the embassy in Bangkok might have a similar option. Dig around their website, worth a shot. Good luck.
Answer @ 3/14/2017 10:30:18 PM by Karen
I've had nothing but good experiences here at US embassy. I've always been on time, Renewed my daughters passport having to bring in some additional documents, so I showed up on coronation day, no wait in door, security, window 3, took my paperwork , sit down, noticed I was only one there 4 minutes later, gave me back papers, I asked why is no one here? "We are closed today". No complaints here.

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