Thai/Laos Visa limit of 2 border crossings.
I have two questions about new Immigration directive of 2016 regarding only two entries without visa in a year: a) Do they check previous entries via passport or a computer? Meaning, if I got a new passport, and two entries are in the old passport, I can enter again two more times? b) How about people who are living in Laos and are coming to Thailand for 1 day and going back to Laos?
Answer @ 3/11/2017 1:30:43 PM by graphicdesigner
1- you are aware this rule is for land entry only , not air? 2- as far as I know , this is a computer generated warning , not passport I mean the computer warns/alerts the immigration officer. Who then denies you. Disclaimer: I don't have personal experience regarding this i'm repeating what I've read online on forums like thaivisaforum https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/959042-only-2-visa-exempt-entries-at-border-crossings-per-calendar-year-effective-dec-31st/ There are fairly cheap flights available from Vientiane-Bangkok ( if you live near there)
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    I have reached my limit of 2 border hops this 2017 year, does that mean if I fly in and out on the same day I will be ok as you say it's only enforced for land border crossings not air? thanks
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    As I live in Laos every year I'm going 12 times to Thailand, in order to get a new Lao visa. What am I gonna do now?
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    There will be some impact on expats in Laos, but that is of no concern of the Thai government.
Answer @ 3/3/2017 10:30:43 AM by SjorsG
You like many expats that live in Lao yet come to thailand regularly are caught in the rule change. I'd say you're most viable option is the 6 month METV <-multi-entry tourist visa from the thai consulate in Vientiane. If you legally live and work in Lao you should be able to get it. I know it's not a perfect fit for you, but it's the ONLY fit you have other than flying' in and out every time. Even with a new passport flying' in and out on a visa exempt stamp is gonna get you flagged in the computer system sooner or later.

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