Can anyone recommend a good pediatrician in Antalya?
My daughter has been sick for over six weeks.and all we get is penicillin. Over and over again. I really need a doctor that cares enough to check why she won't get better..
We ended up at medical Park. With a doctor recommend by some of my husbands colleagues. She has a bad ear inflammation now. Only on one side,which means infection not virus. She's getting injections with penicillin due to the stupid doctor she had before. She will go back on Monday and get tested for what can cause all of this. This doctor said she usually don't give penicillin. But this infection was so serious. Another doctor checked her ears last week and found nothing. The other doctor was at anadolu in guseloba. Hopefully we will actually get help now.
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    I am not a doctor, but I am curious about your daughter, as our son was also sick for about six weeks, and was diagnosed with fifth disease, which is apparently going round the schools at the moment.
Answer @ 1/24/2017 1:39:02 AM by jauntycatbird
We took our daughter 2 kids hospital in antalya & the doctor was great. Cocuk tip merkezi in meydan this is. I recommend it too. See dr. Evin. She is really good.
Answer @ 1/27/2017 8:39:02 AM by 007Rønning
Dr Muzaffer Zorlu is a great paediatrician in Antalya = Address: Fener mahallesi Tekelioğlu Caddesi Filo apartmanı No:51 Daire:9, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey Phone: +90 242 242 41 06

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