Shanghai visit cheap hotels
o here's the thing. I am going to visit my uncle here Shanghai with my cousins in Nov.21~25 & I do not speak chinese at all. I need some informations about food&everything. Do chinese in there speak any English? Any recommendation where should I stay?(I don't want a fancy hotel I just want a tidy clean and cheap place) ...Where are the highly recommended to see for the cultural value? & Beautiful place? Is there some food that I really have to eat while I stay there? which place r great for drinking & night life?
Answer @ 3/23/2017 5:31:14 PM by sprightlybentwoodro
Chain motels like 168 Motel in Shanghai r quite cheap. If you just stay in Shanghai for few days I recommend you The Bund and Yu Garden. They can show you the past and present stories of Shanghai. And there are lot of traditional Shanghai snacks like soup dumpling, or xiaolong bao in Yu Garden and plenty of bars or pubs on The Bund. Many expats in Shanghai would go to Tianzifang and Laomatou to try different kind of cuisine. Have a nice trip!
Answer @ 4/29/2017 10:23:51 AM by trashbag
Have to mention my hotel in Shanghai this time. "STARR HOTEL".
It was hard to find a clean and modern style hotel that is reasonable in price.
But "Starr Hotel" which is also a service apartment has meet all the requirements.
1)It is only 1 street from train station. That catching train to city area is only 3 train stations away. ¥3.
2)Surrounded by food , restaurants and right next to a shopping centre with large super market
3) Have my own cooking bench top and washer/dryer and ironing board.
Good hair dryer
4) Daily cleaning service.
The room was like how they photo.
Good size room.
Highly recommend this hotel if anyone is visiting Shanghai and don't want to spend a fortune.
As living standard in here is almost the same as Sydney.

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