Driving a bike in Northern Thailand
Hi! I enjoyed driving a bike in Vietnam so much, and miss it now that I'm in Laos and see some of the beautiful roads they have here. I would really like to do a loop in Northern Thailand starting next week. Could anyone advise me on getting a bike? Are the driving conditions similar to Vietnam? I haven't found any backpacker motorbike marketplace fb-groups or forums for Thailand. Do people just rent? Hope anyone with some experience can help me out
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    you'r in a whole world of trouble if ur not legally riding a m/bike- hav u got a bike licence---are u insured---hav u got an international driving permit---ect-ect
Answer @ 2/10/2017 8:38:47 AM by rigidtomato
Renting bikes is easiest I Thailand, you can get a basic one for about $8 a day. As for a northern Thailand loop, I did the Mae Hong Son loop. It starts in chiang Mai, then you go to Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, and then we went to Mae Sariang. Amazing views, places and a great ride.
Answer @ 2/14/2017 5:38:47 AM by CHaas82
Northern Thailand is amazing and biking a bit crazy but not like Vietnam. Lots people head to the northwest Thailand and forget about the northeast. If you do a loop check out all of the north.
Answer @ 2/14/2017 10:38:47 PM by curvie
There isn't a culture of selling bikes between backpackers. It's not really cool to have a bike that's not in your name here, and there aren't many legal bikes that you can buy for less than 10,000B/$280. Maybe worth renting a bigger bike for a week, there are some nice roads in the North.
Answer @ 2/14/2017 8:38:47 PM by goose5
For chiang mai/ pai we rented a 125 cm scooter which is obviously not the same as a bike but offered for 200 baht/ day a good value compared To >600 baht/ day for a bigger bike.

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